Bespoke Design & Customization

Poggenpohl Made to Measure - Black Ruler

A kitchen made to measure

Every cabinet, cupboard and worktop that leaves the Poggenpohl factory in Herford, Germany has someone's name on it, because every Poggenpohl kitchen is made to measure for a specific customer. It will be created to their vision and made to the exact dimensions of their home with the help and guidance of our skilled designers. That way, we can make the very best use of the space available, and also satisfy each customer's desire for a kitchen that reflects their personality and tastes – perfectly.

Poggenpohl Details - Plinths

Infinite possibilities

There's no space and no location that a Poggenpohl kitchen can't fit. Poggenpohl base units are available in a variety of heights from 39 cm to 78 cm, wall units in heights from 39 cm to 91 cm, and tall units can be specified in several heights from 130 cm to 221 cm. Plinths can also be any height from 8 cm to 26 cm. For worktops and surfaces customers can choose from a combination of wood, stone, glass, stainless steel, lacquer and laminate. Each imparts its own distinctive character to the finished kitchen – and Poggenpohl designers, craftsmen and installers will make sure it's precisely tailored to fit. With the skilled input of a Poggenpohl designer to make the best possible use of the space, and the flexibility that comes from offering a near-infinite range of cabinet sizes, the finished kitchen will look completely in harmony with its space and the rest of the home.

Colours and finishes

Poggenpohl offers a wide range of colours and finishes, which are based on natural tones and offer timeless appeal. We can also create a bespoke match for any colour that's defined on the RAL Design or NCS colour charts. Thus whatever a customer wants, we can match it or create it. There's an enormous spectrum of choice, especially with the further options of worktop materials and complementary shades. That's where Poggenpohl designers make the difference. They have the training and the experience to be able to show the look of a particular colour combination and help their clients to make the right choice. The 'My Poggenpohl' space on the website enables client and designer to collaborate on the specification, sharing ideas, suggested colours and specifications until they're entirely happy with the result.

Poggenpohl Front Doors - Matt Finishes
Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P7340 - Inserts Modules

Masters of space

A Poggenpohl kitchen is both a living space and a creative environment. Our many different drawer and cupboard inserts, storage options and accessories make the most of every centimeter of space. Everything the user needs falls easily to hand – and the worktops can stay uncluttered when there's room for all pans, tools and ingredients.