Poggenpohl is now in Colombia

A new page in the story of Poggenpohl has been written. In collaboration with Productos Arquitetónicos, Poggenpohl has opened a Studio in in Bogota. It is Poggenpohl's 24th Studio in South America.

This May, was marked by the opening of the new Poggenpohl showroom in Bogota, Colombia.

Productos Arquitetónicos, the company that represents Poggenpohl in Bogota, planed and prepared this big opening event which lasted for about two weeks. The aim was to have personalized events in order to get closer to guests giving them the opportunity to focus on the three displayed Poggenpohl kitchen concepts: +ARTESIO, +SEGMENTO and +MODO.

For about two weeks, this new showroom received more than 100 people that could experience the Poggenpohl atmosphere. The most discerning customers, architects, designers and construction industry experts could enjoy early breakfasts, special lunches and nice cocktails in the evening prepared by the well-known Colombian Chef, Cristina Carrillo while getting to know, feel and live the fantastic world of Poggenpohl, its kitchens as well as and their appeal of perfectionist detail and enduring craftsmanship.

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