Sheen Kitchen Design with Poggenpohl

On Thursday 21st November, Sheen Kitchen Design
re-opened their studio for a launch event on the Upper Richmond Road,
with a total re-fit and the new inclusion of Poggenpohl furniture.

Poggenpohl last week treated more than 50 guests to a Nigel Smith cooking demonstration as part of a launch event to celebrate three new displays being fitted in Upper Richmond Road showroom, Sheen Kitchen Design.

Eight dishes – including soufflé, a steak dish and a chocolate fondant – during the two-hour demonstration, as Sheen Kitchen Design showed off Poggenpohl's new, impressive Poggenpohl displays in the Sheen Kitchen Design studio, +SEGMENTO, +ARTESIO and +MODO.
Presented in modern colours that are from the top sellers list from Poggenpohl, including Sand Grey in the new Matt Lacquer finish, FG Terra Pine, Pebble Grey in High Gloss Lacquer and Matt Black lacquer with FN Natural Nut Tree. The displays combine kitchen areas and also a television area, showing the flexibility of the Poggenpohl furniture.

As well as enjoying Smith's cooking, guests were given the opportunity to partake in some wine tasting courtesy of local merchant, Sura, while one guest – local designer Greg Coulson – took home a Bosch 'Bean to Cup' coffee machine after winning a prize draw.

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