Poggenpohl invests in New Machinery

The Premium kitchen manufacturer is now able to respond better to customer orders, with more flexibility.

New Machine at Poggenpohl Factory

Following the steps of its great founder, and having as a daily philosophy ‘our goal is to improve the kitchen, premium manufacturer Poggenpohl has most recently invested 2 million Euros in upgrading its production facilities to provide greater flexibility in responding to customer orders. This new investment has also granted Poggenpohl the ability to optimise its production processes as well as strengthen its quality assurance measures.

A new surface grinding machine offering an especially even and brilliant high polish surface. A new slab storage facility, directly connected panel-sizing centre

to respond to customer orders more flexibly. And a new CNC processing centre for milling and drilling work which enables a more flexible production of special furniture parts.

As another measure for enhancing the quality, Poggenpohl has also invested in an internal testing laboratory with a light cabin, weathering unit, climatic test chamber and tensile / compression tester was set up. The tests completed here ensure that the Poggenpohl kitchens, which are exposed to an exceptional variety of climatic conditions all over the world, remain of consistently high quality.

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