East Meets West

No country in the world has undergone a more dramatic transformation in the 21st century than China. Now an economic superpower, China’s booming economy has seen the growth of a new, entrepreneurial and brand-aware middle class, eager to enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned prosperity. High on the list of desirable investments is a luxury kitchen.

Shanghai, on the mouth of the Yangtze River, has been an important trading centre since the 19th century. Its French quarter still shows traces of traditional colonial architecture. For the most part, however, it’s a modern, forward-looking and energising city, the largest in the world by population. Shanghai’s new entrepreneurial elite has created a booming property market, with high demand for luxury apartments. So when creating Lakeville Casa in Shanghai, a luxury apartment block in the Taipingquiao area of downtown Shanghai, developer Shui On Land worked with Poggenpohl China to create a unique dual-function kitchen, fusing the traditions of East and West.
In addition to a traditional closed-off Chinese kitchen, the apartments also offer an open kitchen

area for entertaining guests. Equipped with top-ofthe-line induction hobs, refrigeration, coffee machine, oven, microwave, plate-warming drawer and sink, the open kitchen is the natural focus of the apartment. Shui On Land chose Poggenpohl because of its crème de la crème reputation among discerning owners in the Shanghai and China luxury market, and because the team at Poggenpohl China showed a clear understanding of the requirement for superlative design, functionality and budget control. According to the developers, the finished Poggenpohl kitchens feature advanced technology and clean, sophisticated lines. Most important of all, they are both visibly elegant and functionally practical.

Poggenpohl kitchen feature advanced technology and clean, sophisticated lines
Poggenpohl customer kitchen in Shanghai, China
Poggenpohl drawers visibly elegant and functionally practical.

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Magnificent Poggenpohl´s kitchen enhancing the surroundings and the city views

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Fitted appliances, an irreplaceable steam oven and an exhaust fan that is embedded in the bench, noting that it is efficient, saves space and is easy to clean

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