From Galley to Gallery

The owner of this 75-year-old Cape Cod home had an unusual brief: to create a kitchen that is not a kitchen. An interior designer herself, she wanted her kitchen space to provide an inspiring backdrop to her growing collection of art and crafts. The old galley kitchen had to go. In its place, a fully-equipped kitchen that’s also part gallery.

There’s an old saying about the cobbler’s children going barefoot. That’s how it felt to the owner of this home, an interior designer whose own house was in need of a makeover. There were structural issues with the outdoor hardscaping and there was her old, uninspiring kitchen to consider. She also realised that her collection of art and crafts had grown to the point where it wasn’t being seen to maximum advantage. There was nothing to do but start afresh.
She and the design team at Poggenpohl Georgetown started to exchange ideas, based around an expanded family room that would open out onto the garden. The aim was to create

a stimulating space that could incorporate cooking and dining without feeling cold or sterile. The choice of finish was all-important. The owner was delighted to find a wood finish in the Poggenpohl range that resembles driftwood, with some lovely variegated shades of brown and beige as well as subtle greys. Although she visited other kitchen showrooms, she found that no other brands had anything like it. The new kitchen was to be the first element in a complete home renovation. The owner, her architect and the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Poggenpohl Georgetown worked collaboratively on the space.

The old galley kitchen had to go. In its place, a fully-equipped Poggenpohl kitchen that’s also part gallery.
Poggenpohl range that resembles driftwood, with some lovely variegated shades of brown and beige as well as subtle greys.
Because perfection is in detail

The designer “made it seamless and fun for me,” she says, resulting in a creative and involving process of 3D-design to make a space that works as a kitchen and yet feels restful at the same time.
So far the finished kitchen and family room has been the setting for a Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people, a meeting place for up to 40 people, and even a bridal shower. Guests comment on the beauty of the space and its relaxed ambience. Some marvel at the freezer doors, which are hidden within the panelling, or ask the owner where the fridge and dishwasher are. It perfectly meets the brief for a kitchen that isn’t a kitchen and inspired the owner to use Poggenpohl for her next interior design project, a 325-square-metre apartment which includes a library, kitchen and bathroom.

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Fitted appliances, an irreplaceable steam oven and an exhaust fan that is embedded in the bench, noting that it is efficient, saves space and is easy to clean

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