The Practical Function of Handles

Handles have an obvious practical function, but their aesthetic effect should not be underestimated. On the contrary… Handles can accentuate the appearance of a kitchen transmitting a very particular and unique visual signal. That is why the choice of the handles is as important as the choice of the colour finishes.

A More Purist Appeal

Well set design handles can provide a kitchen a strong character and emphasize a more classical style. If and well combined, a handle can become a landmark of the sculptural exclamation in the architectural language of a kitchen, accentuate the appearance as well as transmit a very particular and unique visual signal. It mostly depends on the desired aesthetic effect. A more classical handle can create a very interesting impact on a very modern kitchen finish. 

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Classic Knob Handle
Poggenpohl Handle

Modern & Sleek Design Appeal

Handles can be at same time modern, attractive and timeless. Pratical and sleek handles accentuate the kitchen’s horizontal lines. Handles can own a strict geometry, emphasizing the horizontality and the design of a kitchen. Combined with the rhythm and consistency of the aesthetic fronts, modern handles create an environment of harmony and a clear linear graphical appearance.

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Discreet Protruding Handles

Very discreet and functional, these handles are made of extruded aluminum profiles with edges of aluminium. 
Perfectly integrated into the surface of the drawer convey a pleasant effect on the overall appearance of the kitchen, the Shell handles can be used in different widths, from 8 to 58 centimetres for larger cabinets. 

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Modern Poggenpohl Handle

Category: Kitchen Elements

Storage Solution, Drawer with bread box

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Storage is always essential when designing a kitchen, whether a big or a small. Personalised design solutions make your everyday use more enjoyable. Maximize every inch of precious space, and you and your kitchen will be able to work wonders together. Select the relevant activities and discover the most varied range of practical solutions for your kitchen.

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Lighting helps to define the kitchen and living space, with the opportunity to vary the mood using different kinds of illumination.

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Poggenpohl Accessories - Drawer and Pull-Outs with base Panel System - nut tree

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Poggenpohl introduced for the first time a new design of drawers and pull-outs in 2007.
The success of the design was such that Poggenpohl recently decided to extend it to the rest of the range.

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