New Horizons at Villa Agostinelli

Poggenpohl pursues its journey of strong tradition, innovative design and perfectionist care with another successful event, this time at Marostica in Italy. Discover how it went.

Last Wednesday, 29 May Poggenpohl had another wonderful event, this time at Poggenpohl Bassano Antichità Lisciotto in Marostica. Porsche has joined the event to present the recently launched 911 Porsche Targa. The stunning surrounding landscape provided the perfect backdrop for another successful event where aesthetic emotion, technology and contemporary design allied with tradition and the beauty and simplicity of nature.
Poggenpohl welcomed the most honorable guests to a very nice cocktail with delicious gastronomic delicacies and beverages inside the beautiful Villa Agostinelli. The wonderful collaboration with Damini (catering with excellent meat), Chox (chocolate Illy Group), Azienda vinicola Rinaldine (wine) Bacchetti (bakery and pastry shop) and of course Bora (devices) and Bang & Olufsen assured the triumph of this lavish event. Outside the weather was pleasant… The perfect scenery, truly faithful to what Poggenpohl stands for.

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