Fire and Ice

The temperature in Dubai can reach over 40° C, and it rarely drops below 30° C from April through until October. This villa in the Palm Jumeirah with its spacious and contemporary kitchen offers a cool, welcoming refuge from the heat of the midday sun.

The Palm Jumeirah is a modern wonder of the world, an artificial archipelago projecting into the sea off the coast of Dubai. Its villas, each with their own pristine stretch of sandy beach, are highly sought after. For the owner of this spacious villa, a new Poggenpohl kitchen was the perfect finishing touch. After purchasing the beach-front property, the owners had the entire villa modified to reflect their tastes and style, which included a completely new kitchen. They chose Poggenpohl because of its reputation for quality, durability and innovation in design. The brief to Poggenpohl specialists, Kitchens & Beyond, was to design a practical yet aesthetic family kitchen with plenty of storage. To maximise the space, the Poggenpohl designer suggested removing walls to extend the room and include a family dining area, enabling the owners to enjoy family time even while cooking. During consultations between owner and designer, the brief evolved to include two contrasting finishes. After discussion, titan grey was chosen

because it gives warmth without being as harsh as black, while the contrasting polar white gives the entire space a clean, spacious ambience. Installing a kitchen in Dubai’s extreme heat has its own challenges, as temperatures vary widely between the outdoor environment and a home’s interior. All Poggenpohl designs are tested at the company’s headquarters in Germany to ensure that they remain unaffected by extremes of temperature and humidity, so the design team were confident that the cabinets would precisely fit the remodelled space within the villa. As expected, installation was smooth and trouble-free. For the owners, highlights of the Poggenpohl kitchen are the many useful drawers and design touches throughout the room. They are also pleased with the powerful refrigeration appliances – seriously important features given the Dubai climate. Three years on, they’re so pleased with the result that they plan on building an extension with a second Poggenpohl kitchen for entertainment purposes.

Poggenpohl´s titan grey gives warmth without being as harsh as black, while the contrasting polar white gives the entire space a clean, spacious ambience
A practical yet aesthetic family kitchen with plenty of storage
Poggenpohl Brandbook - UAE Dubai Palm Island - Customer Kitchen House Exterior Shot

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