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Poggenpohl drawers and cabinets are renowned for their strength and ability to withstand a lifetime. Therefore, more and more, people tend to purchase Poggenpohl cabinet solutions not only for their kitchen spaces but also for their living areas. Discover here some creative ways of establishing Poggenpohl’s functionality and elegance throughout the home.

Poggenpohl has been making kitchens since 1892 – and the company has never stopped looking for ways to improve the kitchen environment and make it more of a pleasure to live with. Every Poggenpohl kitchen can truly be called unique, from its custom-made dimensions and distinctive design to the quality of workmanship that goes into every cabinet. Its unsurpassed quality in every detail, down to the smooth, seamless hand-finish on doors and surfaces makes it trustworthy and unique.

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A Poggenpohl kitchen is both a living space and a creative environment. The many different drawer and cupboard storage options and accessories make the most of every centimeter of space. Poggenpohl aims to make creating a kitchen a joyful experience. After all, it’s one of the most important rooms in a home, the place where the family gathers and the shared pleasure of dining begins.


A dining room is an easy place to let slip out of time. You only spend so much time there for its purpose, after all. And many people avoid using their dining room these days, probably in part, due to the state of the room itself... A little transformation may be all that is necessary; with a little bit of taste and a little of living, it should become something that may allow you to spend time eating in an atmosphere conducive to dining and living

Beautiful Poggenpohl kitchen +MODO combined with a matching Dining Desk
Storage Solution, Sideboard living area
Living & Dining - Satin Walnut - Highboard


The flowing transition between different living areas gives a contemporary ambience to the interior. Whether an elegant, handle less sideboard, or an appealing, versatile high board that can be used as a bar, humidor storage, bookcase, crockery cupboard or hi-fi cabinet fitter with practical aluminium inserts, for your DVD, CD and record collection. 


A great bathroom needs to make the most of both our hectic mornings and tranquil nights. That is why more people are looking for Poggenpohl cabinets for their bathroom. Space for everything one needs - smart storage with the highest quality possible. Discover here some Poggenpohl bespoke bathroom solutions

Poggenpohl Bathroom Solutions - Poggenpohl Cabinets
Poggenpohl +STAGE Breakfast - Frühstück

All About Poggenpohl +STAGE honoured once again

Poggenpohl is awarded iwth coveted design prizes for its highly functional theme units; The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 and the Good Design Award 2016

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Poggenpohl Hausausstellung - Küchenmeile 2016

All About Poggenpohl High quality details for greater individuality

Poggenpohl is supplementing its portfolio with the new, authentic decors in silver ash, smoked ash and oak heritage with synchropore embossing.

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Poggenpohl Hausausstellung - Küchenmeile 2016

All About Poggenpohl Poggenpohl is enhancing its skill in solid wood

Poggenpohl's range supplemented with exclusive veneer finishes.

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Poggenpohl Hausausstellung - Küchenmeile 2016

All About Poggenpohl Fascinating surfaces for luxurious kitchen design

In addition to the selected "architect colours", 14 spectacular metallic shades among which diamond white, champagne gold, night blue and the dazzling petrol green.

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