Poggenpohl hosts the Premier League

Last week leading German kitchen brand Poggenpohl co-hosted a dinner at its stunning Waterloo showroom with international magazine ‘Life After Football’ for a selected group of premier league footballers and their partners. We take a look…

chef Simon Hulstone
Joanne O'Brien admires a Poggenpohl kitchen
Sabrina Kvist Jensen

Last week Poggenpohl invited a selected group of premier league footballers and their partners to its exclusive studio in Waterloo for a special dinner soirée among the fantastic kitchen concept The Fourth Wall.

Arriving at the event in chauffer driven Bentleys the guests were greeted with a glass of champagne before enjoying a comprehensive tour lead by Poggenpohl UK Managing Director Simon Richmond throughout the contemporary kitchens on display.

Andy Carroll, Winston Reid, Christian Eriksen, Joey O’Brien and their partners sat down at the amazing wooden table to enjoy a five mouth-watering course meal specially prepared by the Michelin star chef Simon Hulstone in the outstanding Fourth Wall kitchen concept, using the very latest Electrolux Grand Cuisine hi-tech appliances.

The conversation flew easily, with guests enjoying brixham crab, scallops with a parsnip puree, duckling braised with sweet onion and an elderflower tart accompanied by a nice selection of wine served at its ideal temperature. An absolute sensorial journey…

Explore the Fourth Wall kitchen concept here

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