An Idyllic Weekend Retreat

Taking advantage of the surrounding lush nature, the Poggenpohl kitchen featured in the exclusive Ranch O|H weekend retreat home opens up generously to the green scenery around the magnificent 100-year old Valley Oak tree.

Poggenpohl kitchen at Ranch OH

In the middle of the green countryside, on a ridge above the fog in the Santa Lucia Preserve of Carmel, California, arises amongst an extension of 4,063 square feet, preserving a magnificent 100-year-old Valley Oak, the progressive Ranch O|H residence created both as a weekend retreat and a base camp for outdoor activities.

The gorgeous construction by Architect Jonathan Feldman, of Feldman Architecture combines lodge details with modern Californian architectural aesthetic. The morphology of the terrain and the variety of fauna and flora were major inspiration factors to this project, where the natural and the built landscape combine harmoniously.

The strategic layering of the site, materials, and indoor-outdoor spaces dynamic, set the basis for a uniquely elegant, yet grounded retreat, where nature lives in all its vigor and multiplicity. Inside, the material palette is composed of cedar-clad ceilings, oil-rubbed steel, and exposed concrete floors. The interior follows the minimalist style design conceived by Architect Jonathan Feldman of Feldman Architecture; simple and uncluttered, the whole living ambiance inside adds character, individuality and a timeless elegance which in turn offers serenity and peace of mind.

“Poggenpohl was a natural choice for the Ranch O/H kitchen due to the brand’s attention to quality construction and clean lines,” explains Jonathan Feldman, founding partner of Feldman Architecture and director of design. “A stunning range of finishes from crisp white surfaces, to rich grain veneers gave us an extensive palette to work with, while modern details paired with hardware and fittings offered the sough after counterpoint to this traditional ranch home.”

“We made use of every square inch which is why Poggenpohl was such a perfect fit with our integrated storage solutions,” explained I-Ching Ueng, Senior Designer and Studio Manager of Poggenpohl San Francisco. “While it is very minimal and clean, the selection of finishes and layout gives Ranch O|H a lot of warmth. It feels cozy inside for such a modern home.” Ueng proposed a teak lava textured veneer finish on the back of the island to ground the lacquer Blossom white cabinet finish and provide with calm and warmth to balance the whole living space, taking advantage of the surrounding lush, green landscape displayed around the magnificent 100-year old Valley Oak tree visible just outside.

The aroma of pine and eucalyptus in its exterior refreshes the soul and fills us with rejoice and vitality. The breeze that flutters in the foliage, cheering on its affable and warm breath; the water runs tranquil in its melodious and rhythmic flow... the perfect environment for a few days of pure relax out of the stressful pace of the city.

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