Poggenpohl on the Cat Walk

Last July, Poggenpohl St. Albans studio kitchens were transformed into an exciting fashion emporium

St. Albans
St Albans Fashion Show at Poggenpohl Studio
St Albans Fashion Show at Poggenpohl Studio

Last July, St Albans studio went under a metamorphoses and transformed into a fashion emporium showcasing the latest and glamorous work wear trends from local clothes boutiques.The event was organised in collaboration with St Albans Fashion Week and SAFW retailers included Hobbs, LK Bennett and D. Copperfield.

The St. Albans Fashion week partnered with the St Albans Chamber of Commerce Business Festival and hosted this fabulous styling event composed of cat walk shows, hair and beauty salons, expert styling, live demos and cocktails provided by Zip’s mixologist.

Over 70 guests including Poggenpohl customers and members of the local Chamber of Commerce enjoyed the evening in a unique setting surrounded by Poggenpohl kitchens which also had a chance to be appreciated. To enrich the evening, signature cocktails and canapés were prepared live and appreciated by all.

A wonderful night at Poggenpohl celebrating the start of the fashion festivities.

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