Poggenpohl & Electrolux Grand Cuisine in Finland

An amazing event took place at the Poggenpohl Studio in Helsinki… We take a look.

EGC Brand Launch at Poggenpohl Helsinki
EGC Brand Launch at Poggenpohl Helsinki
EGC Brand Launch at Poggenpohl Helsinki
EGC Brand Launch at Poggenpohl Helsinki

During Finland‘s warm and famously long summer days, a brand new unique +MODO kitchen was installed at the Poggenpohl Studio on Fabiankatu, Helsinki, specifically modified to accept the coveted Electrolux Grand Cuisine luxury home appliances.

Twenty journalists from interior design magazines filled the premises of the studio with flashes and ecstatic comments about the exhibition. A VIP launch event took place in the evening with a full house that brought together more than 70 notable guests from building professionals, interior designers, to architects specialized in luxury construction, which had the opportunity to witness this major merged brand project. Electrolux specialists Henrik Ohlstenius and Åsa Ottosson from Sweden, Jani Seppälä, Arto Arhipoff, and Marinka Hollming-Pietarinen from Finland joined Poggenpohl Finland CEO Vertti Rossi and the entire Poggenpohl Finland team to host this overwhelming celebration. Also present was Mari Tuomisto of Novart Oy.

The launch took a unique form as it was performed by Michelin-starred Chefs Christian Mittermayer (Germany), Pekka Terävä (Finland), and the fantastic Chef team from Restaurant OLO. In this ideal setting, not limited to demonstrations, they also prepared the most creative interpretations of elegant summer dishes and fantastic epicurean food. The exquisite champagne and wines, accompanying this lively and delicious evening, were taken care of by Jukka Orasjärvi from Carsin Wines.

The demonstration and celebration continued during the Helsinki Design Week’s Showroom Walk-event, at the Fabianinkatu studio, on September 8th and 9th, when the guest of honor, expert Chef and Grand Cuisine specialist Paolo Pettenuzzo (Italy) arrived at the studio, marking another much awaited day and reception.

Once again, with this exclusive launch and memorable events, Poggenpohl proves to pioneer major achievements in sustainable designs and products that reflect and recognize the home as an expression of every individual’s personality.

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