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  • Magnificent Poggenpohl´s kitchen enhancing the surroundings and the city views

    City Vistas

    The triple-aspect penthouse kitchen of this renovated duplex apartment offers panoramic views over London. Preserving an uninterrupted sight line was one of the key elements of the design brief.

    This London apartment block was originally a grand hotel dating back to 1895. Seven years before buying this apartment, one of the owners had lived in another flat within the property. So when the building was redeveloped in 2002, retaining the original façade but with a modern interior, he expressed an interest in acquiring a property. The two penthouse flats came on the market and after talking it over with his wife, the pair jumped in and bought both. Originally they had hoped to turn the two penthouse flats into one. When planning permission was refused they decided to rent out one of the flats and live in the other. The apartment enjoys glorious views of the London skyline, including Battersea Power Station and Big Ben. The couple chose Poggenpohl after inviting designs from many of the premium kitchen manufacturers. “When it came down to it, not only was the design right for us, but the designer at Poggenpohl gave us colour printouts showing us the elevations of our finished kitchen – with the new windows, walls knocked down, everything – before it was all done. “The fact that we could see what we wanted there in ink made it very simple to make our decision,” the husband explains. “The design was made for us, not a re-run of someone else’s design, and so it was created to work for us and for the amount of time we would be spending in the room,” he says. “Because there are drawers within cupboards we can use every inch of space in the units – such a great bonus for us. Living in London, where you have small kitchens, you need all the storage space you can get!” The husband works in the City of London and his wife is from Bordeaux, but they have made this apartment their family home. They have two young children, aged three and one, so the kitchen was a vital component in their plans. “Before we had a Poggenpohl kitchen, we hardly cooked,” admits the husband. “Now 90% of our time at home is spent in this kitchen.”

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  • Poggenpohl´s high-gloss black creates a dramatic backdrop to the flowers, objets d’art and plants

    Black Russian

    There’s a restrained colour palette in this Russian country home. The owners briefed their architects to create a modern, minimalist home that makes the best possible use of its country setting. Inside, high-gloss black creates a dramatic backdrop to the flowers, objets d’art and plants.

    For the family – a husband and wife with two daughters – the natural surroundings of the forest provide them with a daily, ever-changing spectacle. Their home, built five years ago, features large floor to ceiling windows that allow natural light to flood into the living area. Their brief to the architects was to create a simple, elegant home without excessive adornment or detail. As it was a new-build, the owners were also able to specify the very latest in technology – including a Poggenpohl kitchen. They chose Poggenpohl because of its reputation for quality, knowing that the company has been making kitchens for over 120 years. They saw the

    kitchen as an investment both for the home and their own wellbeing. Five years later they feel that the result met their needs perfectly. They also single out the Poggenpohl design team for praise. They listened to their requirements, worked with the design and colour scheme of the house and offered many suggestions and insights. The family enjoys Russian, Italian and Oriental cuisine and the kitchen has become the natural centre of their home. After a long working day it’s a place where they meet before preparing an evening meal. They also enjoy entertaining friends, so they make good use of the kitchen’s facilities.

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  • Fitted appliances, an irreplaceable steam oven and an exhaust fan that is embedded in the bench, noting that it is efficient, saves space and is easy to clean

    Open House

    This beautiful country house set in a Norwegian wood was built for its current owners, a couple who live there with their 18-year-old twin sons. It’s an idyllic location, and a spacious family kitchen was part of their plans from day one.

    “Thou shalt not eat bad food from ugly plates.” The family refers to this tongue-in-cheek motto as their eleventh commandment. Food matters to them: meals are lingered over and each member of the family is a keen cook. They cook all their meals from scratch – it takes a little longer, but the results are worth it – and their tastes range from Italian, French and Spanish food to spicy Asian cuisine. Not forgetting traditional Norwegian dishes, naturally. Their home was the result of close collaboration between the owners, their architect, a master craftsman and Poggenpohl Oslo. The house was designed to offer the best possible views of the surrounding countryside with large picture windows facing east and west that open up completely to allow the outside in. Planning the kitchen correctly was essential, as water pipes, electrical wiring and ventilation pipes are all embedded in the concrete floor. No alterations could be done once the concrete was set.

    The owners say that Poggenpohl Oslo provided outstanding service, far exceeding that of the other kitchen suppliers they asked to quote for the job.
    Right from the start, the owners felt they had a good connection with their Poggenpohl designer, sharing ideas and developing the design as a team. During the planning they decided on a bespoke sink unit and – on the recommendation of the designer – a soda dispenser, which has become a firm favourite with all the family. Another helpful suggestion was to elevate the dishwasher to working height, making the daily task of loading and unloading it more comfortable. The owners are pleased with all the fitted appliances and describe their steam oven as irreplaceable. They also like the exhaust fan that is embedded in the bench, noting that it is efficient, saves space and is easy to clean. With its orange countertop and contrasting titan grey finish for the kitchen units, the kitchen is a vibrant and invigorating room.

    This family home is literally and figuratively an open house. Their sons’ friends are always welcome to drop by, as are neighbours. They’re happy to be known as the unofficial ‘neighbourhood café’, and in springtime they open the doors from the kitchen to the front of the house, where they can enjoy the sun and the garden with its café table by the waterfall and goldfish pond. Whatever the weather, the Poggenpohl kitchen is the heart of their open house, the place where everything happens. And although it has been five years since the house and kitchen were finished, they wouldn’t change a thing. Why tinker with perfection?

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  • Colours are contemporary and masculine, the white cabinets contrasting with the dark wood of the breakfast bar, back wall and dining table. Glass fronts complete the look.

    Professional standard

    This modern Berlin town house is both a home and a workplace. It’s owned by a chef who divides his time between Germany and his native Switzerland. When in Berlin, he uses his kitchen to devise new recipes, host cookery workshops, and even film demonstrations. In addition, it’s a warm and welcoming home.

    If you've ever travelled on the Swiss Railways Glacier Express, you've probably enjoyed this chef's cuisine. Born and trained in Switzerland, his style of cooking is based on the use of seasonal regional produce, from German asparagus to Swiss cheeses. His Berlin base is a modern town house. He's lived here since it was built in 2011. And the centre of activity, naturally, is the kitchen. Professional chefs are taught to work in a systematic, logical and efficient way. And although the owner of this home now writes recipe books rather than working in a restaurant, the discipline of his training shows in the layout of this Poggenpohl +ARTESIO

    The unique +ARTESIO arch provides a strong visual focus for the room, defining the cooking area and bathing it in light. Underneath it is an island unit with a stainless steel worktop used for food preparation. The owner was insistent that he wanted the ovens, hob and all cooking equipment to be accommodated along one line in the facing wall – a legacy of his years as a restaurant chef. Colours are contemporary and masculine, the white cabinets contrasting with the dark wood of the breakfast bar, back wall and dining table. Glass fronts complete the look. It’s a calm place in which to cook, and makes an appealing backdrop for those occasions when he’s using his home as a television studio.

    Being a professional, the owner had strong ideas
    about the design and layout of the kitchen, but
    he is happy to acknowledge the contribution that
    Poggenpohl Berlin made to the finished design. He
    had originally wanted a wine cellar below the bar.
    The design team convinced him that it would be more
    practical and visually pleasing situated elsewhere in
    the apartment. He was also impressed by the level
    of detail the Poggenpohl design team explored with
    him – from the placement of a spice drawer to his
    preferred design of handle for doors and drawers.

    Having lived with the kitchen for over two years, he says that there’s nothing that he’d change about the layout or specification. The only recent addition has been an instant boiling water tap alongside the mixer tap on the island unit – simply and straightforwardly installed by the Poggenpohl team.
    Although happy to use the latest in cooking technologies, the owner is a firm believer in the human touch. Technology, he declares, should be a servant and not a master. The result is a working environment that blends efficiency and warmth.

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  • There’s seating for eight at the long, broad island worktop. Ovens, a coffee machine and a sink are all accommodated in the facing wall, together with plenty of storage space for food and cooking utensils.

    Enduring Relationship

    The owners of this beautiful top-floor apartment in Vilvoorde, Belgium, are happy to mix old with new, placing cherished antique furniture within a contemporary setting. They recently moved here to be closer to their family. Entertaining their children and grandchildren is an important part of their lives.

    When they retired they decided to leave their large family home and move to a city apartment to be closer to the rest of their family. But the home they have created is no humble retirement flat. They’ve shown a bold vision in mixing the traditional style of their furnishings with the sleek, ultra-modern lines of a new Poggenpohl kitchen. Their local Poggenpohl dealer, Firma de Vis Gent, has been in business since 1957, and has previously created Poggenpohl kitchens for the owners’ former homes. Even though the location was new, the owners wanted to retain all the conveniences and facilities of their previous Poggenpohl kitchen. They briefed the design team that the kitchen had to be

    integrated within the main living area and feature a large island that would include seating for informal dining. Their previous Poggenpohl kitchen had featured an aluminium finish but the owners decided to choose something different for their penthouse home. They saw the high-gloss combination of black and cubanit in the showroom and instantly fell in love with it. The design and planning process was smooth and harmonious. The team at Poggenpohl knew their tastes and preferences when it came to layout, and also had their previous kitchen specifications as a reference. The apartment was newly-built so all the fittings, from lighting to flooring, could be to the owners’ specifications.

    It’s a high-ceilinged space with tall windows that open onto a balcony. The light that streams in reflects off the high-gloss surfaces of the kitchen to brighten even the dullest of days. There’s seating for eight at the long, broad island worktop. Ovens, a coffee machine and a sink are all accommodated in the facing wall, together with plenty of storage space for food and cooking utensils. The dining table and cane-backed chairs come into their own for formal dining and celebrations. Since moving in a year ago the owners have enjoyed the transition to their new city life. They especially love cooking for the grandchildren every Wednesday. After all, traditional Belgian cookery is famous for its use of cream, butter and other tempting ingredients. Lighter fare such as seafood is often on the menu, too. As the design of this apartment shows, the owners are confident when it comes to combining the best of old and new.

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  • At the far end of the room there’s a dining table and chairs for more formal occasions. At the centre of the room, integrated Poggenpohl tall wall units to lodge the hob, coffee machine and two helpful warming drawers

    Light and Natural

    There’s something restful to the eye about this home in Tiel, Netherlands. Perhaps it’s the soaring roof space, the abundant light and the sparing use of natural colours that reflect those used in the exposed roof trusses. Certainly the owners find it the perfect place to cook, eat, relax and entertain.

    The setting for the kitchen is a 1950s house near Tiel, a fruit-producing region in the heart of the Netherlands. The owners moved in eight years ago, attracted by the charm of the house and its proximity to their workplaces. In 2010 they decided to build an extension that would be the setting for a new Poggenpohl kitchen. Both husband and wife enjoy cooking, particularly Italian cuisine with its emphasis on fresh produce, simple flavours and generous hospitality. They’re also keen on gourmet dining, vegetarian cookery and exploring new forms of regional cuisine.

    The new kitchen and its dining area was high on their list of priorities. They wanted an open, well-equipped space in which to cook for friends and family. In selecting a kitchen brand, the owners looked for quality, design and durability. This brought them to Poggenpohl. They chose to work with the Poggenpohl kitchen planner from Verhoeks Keukens and were delighted to find that the entire process of design, planning and installation was “perfect and harmonious.”

    They wanted a modern and minimalist kitchen. Specifically, an island in white with a white Corian worktop. The rest of the design evolved naturally from their discussions. Originally the architects had proposed locating the kitchen area at one end of the new extension, but on the designer’s suggestion the kitchen area was moved to the centre of the room. The black stools and white island unit make a strong focal point for the space against the neutral grey floor and white walls. At the far end of the room there’s a dining table and chairs for more formal occasions. The hob and the coffee machine are two of the owners’ favourite features, though they also mention the warming drawers, another helpful suggestion from the Poggenpohl designer. The kitchen was completed in 2010 and the couple are delighted with the result. It more than meets their brief for an open, relaxing and versatile space. They both work so the kitchen is mainly used for breakfast and evening meals. At the weekend they often entertain friends, so it becomes the centre of the home. In their own words, “It all works perfectly and was executed in detail.”

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  • A practical yet aesthetic family kitchen with plenty of storage

    Fire and Ice

    The temperature in Dubai can reach over 40° C, and it rarely drops below 30° C from April through until October. This villa in the Palm Jumeirah with its spacious and contemporary kitchen offers a cool, welcoming refuge from the heat of the midday sun.

    The Palm Jumeirah is a modern wonder of the world, an artificial archipelago projecting into the sea off the coast of Dubai. Its villas, each with their own pristine stretch of sandy beach, are highly sought after. For the owner of this spacious villa, a new Poggenpohl kitchen was the perfect finishing touch. After purchasing the beach-front property, the owners had the entire villa modified to reflect their tastes and style, which included a completely new kitchen. They chose Poggenpohl because of its reputation for quality, durability and innovation in design. The brief to Poggenpohl specialists, Kitchens & Beyond, was to design a practical yet aesthetic family kitchen with plenty of storage. To maximise the space, the Poggenpohl designer suggested removing walls to extend the room and include a family dining area, enabling the owners to enjoy family time even while cooking. During consultations between owner and designer, the brief evolved to include two contrasting finishes. After discussion, titan grey was chosen

    because it gives warmth without being as harsh as black, while the contrasting polar white gives the entire space a clean, spacious ambience. Installing a kitchen in Dubai’s extreme heat has its own challenges, as temperatures vary widely between the outdoor environment and a home’s interior. All Poggenpohl designs are tested at the company’s headquarters in Germany to ensure that they remain unaffected by extremes of temperature and humidity, so the design team were confident that the cabinets would precisely fit the remodelled space within the villa. As expected, installation was smooth and trouble-free. For the owners, highlights of the Poggenpohl kitchen are the many useful drawers and design touches throughout the room. They are also pleased with the powerful refrigeration appliances – seriously important features given the Dubai climate. Three years on, they’re so pleased with the result that they plan on building an extension with a second Poggenpohl kitchen for entertainment purposes.

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  • Kitchen 50 Year SS

    Built to Last in the Countryside

    When Mr. Reddish looks at his Poggenpohl kitchen he remembers the day his daughter gave it to him as a gift. Since then the days at his home place have changed completely... The kitchen became busier, full of activity with everyone moving in and out throughout the day.

    Mr. Reddish still remembers the day his first Poggenpohl kitchen was installed at his home place. Since then everything changed completely... The kitchen became busier, full of activity with everyone moving in and out throughout the day.
    In over 40 years of daily living, this Poggenpohl kitchen has been partner of culinary adventures and confident of deeper family secrets. This kitchen is a true celebration of Poggenpohl’s proven quality and unique craftsmanship with fronts in high-grade oak stained black. Not every kitchen can last so many years and still look so immaculate and work so beautifully decades after its installation. It is difficult not be overwhelmed by material possessions, especially when these goods mean lifetime experiences and unforgettable moments.
    Mr. and Mrs. Reddish now intend to change their kitchen as they want to modernize the cooking, dining and living areas. The kitchen is still current and well preserved... but as the space will change a bit in terms of configuration, the center of the home will now be opened to its surrounds, in this case to the living areas. A wall will be removed and the kitchen will become part of the living space. Thus, the kitchen will need to adapt to this new configuration, a trend greatly adapted to the requirements of modern life...
    Almost 50 years later, Mr. and Mrs. Reddish are now departing in a new journey through the epicurean world of Poggenpohl. Poggenpohl was a natural choice for them. The enduring relationship of trust that comes from the almost fifty years long ownership, the growing passion for Poggenpohl, for its outstanding design and perfectionist care that goes into every detail left no other alternative to ​​the Reddish family but to consider Poggenpohl for this new step into modernity…

    Their new Poggenpohl kitchen in polar white with matching sleek and elegant handles is emphasizing the sophisticated silhouette of the cabinets. This new kitchen will be an extension of what the former kitchen represented: a focal point of the home, a central area for every member of the family, used for eating, planning and even gathering for family discussions.

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  • A second run of cabinets extends along an island opposite wall which features four windows. The worktop had to be recisely cut to fit inside each window reveal, with no room for error

    The Time-Travelling Cook

    If you live in an older house, the default choice of kitchen is often a traditional design. But the owners of this London home wanted their kitchen to be contemporary and minimalist, in a light, open and airy space. With the help of their designer, they not only achieved their ideal kitchen but also integrated it beautifully into their 150-year-old London home.

    The project called for a complete back-to-brickwork update of the house, as well as creating a new kitchen extension on the lower ground floor. On the ground floor and first floor the rooms have been restored to their original 19th-century style, with aged wooden floors and period-style ornate plasterwork on the ceilings. In constrast, the kitchen and dining area is housed in a modern glass-andtimber extension. The result of the three-way collaboration between the owner, the architect and the Poggenpohl Waterloo studio is a clear, elegant and light-suffused space that all members of the family naturally gravitate to.

    The central island unit has a stepped-in plinth to give it the appearance of floating above the natural granite floor, and subtlety is the keynote. The white walls, for example, are split at waist level between a satin and a matt finish, a detail you notice only when you walk into the space. The granite used on the staircase and the kitchen floor continues uninterrupted through to the terrace. In the summer the folding, sliding timber-framed doors disappear to merge the interior with the 30-metre garden. Underfloor heating ensures that the kitchen and dining area remain warm and snug during colder weather.

    One of the greatest installation challenges was the island worktop. This combines two materials along its length – Quarella composite and welded stainless steel – demanding a perfect flush fit between the two. A second run of cabinets extends along an opposite wall which features four windows. The worktop had to be recisely cut to fit inside each window reveal, with no room for error. Maintaining the uncluttered theme, tambour units above the worktops allow everyday items like the kettle and toaster to be concealed when not needed. For the couple, the kitchen simply works. “Minimalism needs lots of storage,” the wife observes. “Poggenpohl created an efficient layout and because they make everything to order, their cabinets fit the space exactly. If you have a cupboard that needs to be precisely 456 millimetres wide, they will make that. So you can have exactly what you want, exactly as you want it.”

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  • As there a long wall extending from the kitchen into the dining area, Poggenpohl´s +INTEGRATION range, fits perfectly and helped the two areas to combine seamlessly

    Joined-up Thinking

    This brand new home is located in one of the most historic areas of South Africa. At its heart is a spacious kitchen and dining area that blends perfectly with the building’s contemporary architectural aesthetic.

    The wine-producing area of Stellenbosch is one of the most historic parts of South Africa, with many Victorian-style heritage houses. But the owners of this house wanted something less traditional for their retirement. They found the ideal location, with an uninspiring 1920s home on site, and decided to demolish it and start again. It was a bold decision but it has paid off. The owners had always loved the Poggenpohl brand. As this was to be their final home they decided to invest in a Poggenpohl kitchen. They felt that the aesthetic would perfectly suit the contemporary style of the architecture. Working with Poggenpohl Studio Durban the design evolved smoothly. Their designer suggested the choice of +INTEGRATION as there was a long wall extending from the kitchen into the dining area. This meant that cabinets, flooring and décor for the two areas needed to be seamlessly combined.

    The customised bar and the custom-built sink unit were two of the most challenging aspects of the job. Each had to be perfectly integrated. The designer worked closely with the architect, building contractor and installation team to achieve a faultless result. She also proposed the decor print teak lava, satin mirrored glass and aluminium would complement the interior finishes. In the wife’s words: “On a scale of one to ten, I would give my Poggenpohl designer an eleven! Absolutely!” Both the owners delight in good food. The husband loves to barbecue on a traditional South African braai, so the kitchen opens into an internal braai area as well as an external one. His wife is passionate about cooking, preparing fresh food every day and cooking in a variety of styles. Their cuisine is influenced by the seasons – winter brings warming stews while summer means more fresh fish, chicken and salads.

    The Poggenpohl kitchen has been designed so that they can entertain up to 20 people with ease. Even when busy in the kitchen, the cook is always a part of the conversation, and the generous-sized dining room table seats everybody comfortably. The bar often surprises guests. The sleek exterior opens to reveal well-stocked shelves that add to the shared experience of entertaining. The kitchen is such an integrated part of the living area that the owners naturally gravitate towards it. From tea with the morning papers to cooking, baking or enjoying a coffee from the built-in coffee maker, each day begins and ends here.

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