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  • Poggenpohl Milano - Centro Cucina

    Poggenpohl in Milano 2017

    Visit the Poggenpohl Design Center during the Salone del Mobile and discover some new kitchen trends.

    Opening Hours

    April 4th-8th 2017 from 10.00 - 20.00

    April 9th 2017 from 10.00 - 14.00

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  • Poggenpohl STAGE Bar

    STAGE - The new ingenious Design

    Harmony of colour, luxury and innovative solutions. Poggenpohl presents new, highly functional theme units for 2016 at the A30 Kitchen Mile.

    The demands imposed on conventional fitted kitchens and hence kitchen design are constantly changing. Personal home environments are being designed increasingly to suit individual needs and habits. Flexibility, functionality and distinctiveness are among the most important attributes in this case; individual functional areas are split into separate elements.

    Poggenpohl has specifically analysed these requirements and is presenting new, highly functional theme units at the A30 kitchen mile. STAGE incorporates complete theme worlds within the compact space of a tall unit element 120cm wide. Tasks that were previously performed in different areas of the kitchen are concentrated in space and centralised in the same place. Pouring boiling water into the teapot, adding scented tea leaves to the strainer provided, arranging the precious china on the pull-out trays made of fine heartwood ash - with STAGE, Poggenpohl offers a stylish setting for conscious enjoyment and focus on all that is essential and valuable.

    The theme units are equipped with slide-in hinged doors, called pocket doors. They can be positioned and combined to suit individual wishes in the kitchen or living area and either blend harmoniously into a tall unit line or can be deliberately visually accentuated. As a stand-alone unit, STAGE can be positioned flexibly in the room and complements the kitchen architecture.

    The function of the theme units can be individually defined by specially developed equipment features. Their combination can be flexibly arranged as desired. Furthermore, Poggenpohl offers the complete theme packages of "coffee", "tea", "breakfast" and "bar". Four tall unit heights and the standard unit depth of 65.4 cm are available based on the Poggenpohl range. STAGE can be ordered in all conventional front colours.

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  • Vacuum cleaner

    The Ultimate Plinth Vacuum Cleaner

    An innovative highlight is to be found in the plinth area - hardly noticeable at a first glance.

    An innovative highlight is to be found in the plinth area - hardly noticeable at a first glance, the new plinth vacuum cleaner blends unobtrusively into the overall appearance of the kitchen. It is immediately at hand if crumbs drop on the floor at breakfast time or tiny scraps fall off the worktop. The plinth vacuum cleaner provides a perfect compromise between a conventional vacuum cleaner and a central vacuum system. It operates just as effectively as a system while occupying minimum storage space. The dirt is collected in commercially available vacuum cleaner bags. The plinth vacuum cleaner is easy to install and can be retrofitted.

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  • 01 Poggenpohl Hausausstellung 2015 Foyer

    A Dazzling Brand Presentation in Herford

    The Poggenpohl headquarters exhibition has been extensively revamped. Discover here some highlights.

    Anyone entering the foyer at Poggenpohlstraße 1 will immediately sense something new. The luxury kitchen manufacturer's company exhibition has undergone a major facelift over the past weeks. It has been possible to develop an elaborate presentation concept based on the Poggenpohl core values of modern purism, luxurious lifestyle and aesthetic understatement.

    The square is the main element in the graphic design. Derived from the striking Poggenpohl logo, it is placed in the limelight in both decorative and functional terms. It reappears for instance as a 3D relief, seating area and wall design and on the Poggenpohl history wall.

    Poggenpohl is presenting the 2016 new features based on innovative planning schemes. The successful design concepts +MODO, +SEGMENTO, +ARTESIO and +EDITION are being exhibited as well as kitchens from the Poggenpohl standard range. A central area is devoted to the cooperation with Porsche Design Studio – the multiple prizewinning kitchens P`7340 and P`7350 have been given a central position in the 1.300 square meters exhibition and represent one of the highlights.

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  • Easily combinable, the new Poggenpohl Stone Grey

    Modern Kitchen Design Trends

    The National Kitchen & Bath Association's 2014 style report finds that modern designs are in demand, with grey and neutral colour schemes expected to be hot, design features, glass cabinets, etc. Get to know all about it and discover your ultimate kitchen trend.

    The National Kitchen & Bath Association's 2014 style report finds that modern designs are in demand, with grey and neutral colour schemes expected to be hot, design features as well as glass cabinets. According to Los Angeles Times Home & Design "kitchen and bath design trends are taking a minimalist, hassle-free turn." ; "Tuscan, provincial and country-rustic looks are fading in popularity in kitchens and baths, and contemporary designs with clean lines, minimal ornamentation and easy maintenance are rapidly taking their place" according to a style report released in February by the National Kitchen & Bath Assn.

    Los Angeles Times Home & Design reports that the industry group surveyed its members about trends in kitchen design.

    Grey colour schemes are expected to increase sharply in kitchens in 2014. In the kitchen, white and off-white are the top colour schemes.

    “Universal design features such as microwave drawers and touch-activated or touch-less kitchen faucets are in demand.”

    Cherry, maple and alder are the most popular wood kitchen cabinets, but walnut is expected to take off this year.

    Click to discover more about Poggenpohl materials and colours >>

    Glass cabinet doors remain a favorite look.

    Coloured or transparent depending on each individual's preferences and tastes. Poggenpohl's wide choice of glass finishes can truly make a significant difference to the visual impact of the finished kitchen.

    Finishes in colours other than white may edge out white painted finishes.
    Stone Grey
    is Poggenpohl's latest colour choice, but there is always the Terra brown among many other.
    Click to look for more colour choices in our Gallery >>

    Quartz is expected to pull ahead of granite as the favored countertop and vanity-top material. Demand for countertops made with recycled materials is expected to grow.

    Listed below are a few Poggenpohl installations with different countertop materials. To discover more worktop inspirations and trends, click here >>

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  • +EDITION, name suggests something that is unique, refined and limited

    Classic Details with Modern Appeal

    Timeless design in a warm and classic look; new wooden fronts framed and unframed natural walnut and natural ash heartwood in combination with the latest colour shades "blossom white", "polar white", "sand", "pebble grey", "sand grey", "terra" or "black".

    Its name suggests something that is unique, refined and limited. Made in Germany and accomplished through Poggenpohl craftsmen remarkable expertise, this new collection aims to add a little flair to the world's oldest kitchen brand portfolio.

    A strong emphasis on wooden fronts gives the kitchens design a warm and classy look. The effect is laid-back and natural. The new wooden fronts find a new context as they appear in framed and unframed natural walnut and natural ash wood. To the design is added black glass through the upper wall cabinets, which include the same thin frame details with finished interiors and LED lighting, creating a very interesting graphic effect.

    These wooden fronts cut a particularly attractive figure in combination with the latest colour shades of "blossom white", "polar white", "sand", "pebble grey", "sand grey", "terra" or "black". The new colour diversity is available in the form of direct coating as well as various lacquered finishes.

    Learn more about the +EDITION collection

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  • Garden in the kitchen

    Garden in the Kitchen

    The latest trend in kitchen design is to have an edible garden perfectly fitted into the kitchen layout and ambience, so you can always add fresh-from-the-garden herbs to the home-cooked meals, no matter the weather outside.

    Herbs are fragrant plants whose leaves or stalks are used in cooking to add aroma and flavour to dishes. Different cuisines rely on different varieties of herbs, depending on which plants grow native or are cultivated in that country; for instance, basil is synonymous with Italian food, while coriander is widely used in Indian and South-east Asian dishes. The leaves of many herbs can be dried and used as a substitute for fresh herbs, but the flavours will certainly not be as pronounced.

    The latest trend in kitchen design is to have an edible garden perfectly fitted into the kitchen layout and ambience, so you can always add fresh-from-the-garden herbs to the home-cooked meals, no matter the weather outside.
    Another good thing about it is that it literally brings the kitchen to life, adding it a bit of colour, taste and scent.
    In order to keep up with that trend, Poggenpohl has been continuously developing solutions to make your edible garden even more perfectly fitted into the beautiful Poggenpohl kitchen layouts we are used to.
    Click on the slideshow above to view some of Poggenpohl's Kitchen Garden options and dare to feel inspired.

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  • Kitchen Combination Guide

    Inspiration meets Practicality.
    Everything you need to know to live beautifully in your cooking, living spaces.

    Beautiful colours, precious materials, gentle, nature-inspired styles and practical yet striking multi-purpose furniture. We’ve studied the latest furniture launches from around the world, talked to cutting-edge designers and picked out very best products to create a picture of the looks, materials and concepts that will shape the few next months of our cooking, livings spaces. Get to know everything you need to live beautifully. Dare to feel inspired by our essential and inspirational guide to the trends that will define the future of style of your cooking, living space.

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  • Poggenpohl´s new updated version in the area of timeless and classic +EDITION collection

    Classical Revivalism

    Poggenpohl has extended its range of products in the area of timeless and classic +EDITION collection, as it turns out to be a very popular collection amidst consumers.

    Classic kitchens are timeless and flexible, and it is a style in which, to a great extent, almost everyone feels comfortable in, even some modernists.

    As white kitchens define this style, Poggenpohl has launched a new updated version in the area of timeless and classic +EDITION collection, making use of one of the longest standing fronts, the HP a high polish cassette front enhanced in two shades of white.

    Always with great attention to detail and lots of specialized technique, Poggenpohl managed to combine traditional classic solidity of the exterior with ingeniously designed interior of the most up to date kitchen technology and showcase it in one single kitchen model in its Herford headquarters for the famed Kitchen Mile.

    The glass cabinet on the side with traditional framed doors and rounded milled edges classic window frame look works as a sideboard and manages in its essence to transpire beauty, elegance and brightness providing this kitchen design a very special milieu.

    The kitchen, comprised by base and upper units and a lovely massive island, goes a bit more contemporary through the use of very fundamental details such as stainless steel for the back panel in the cooking area and the yellowish stone as wall décor. The D handles and the wooden breakfast island grant it an even more everlasting, contemporary look.

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  • KüchenMeile 2013

    KüchenMeile 2013

    The premium kitchens manufacturer Poggenpohl extends its range and presents new fronts, new kitchen highlights and gorgeous handle versions at this year's Küchenmeile A30 show.

    Colours and finishes define the face of a kitchen and therefore the expression of the owner's individual style. Offering its design-oriented customers the greatest possible choice has always been a basic principle in the Poggenpohl philosophy. And it just nevers stops reinventing itself. This year at the Küchenmeile A30 show, the premium kitchen manufacturer has presented a new extended range with beautiful new fronts and new handle versions.

    New colour, new finishes, a new website, new showroom kitchens. On 1,300 m² and over two levels, Poggenpohl presented its design kitchen concepts - +SEGMENTO, +MODO, +EDITION, +ARTESIO and the Porsche Design Kitchen - with some new product highlights to its distinguished guests and partners from all around the world. To the sound of a beautiful saxophone jazzy melody one could also glimpse further highlights such as the newly designed basement with a specialized training room fully equipped with the latest multimedia technology.

    As handles set special highlights on kitchens' design, Poggenpohl has also extended its collection with two new handles. In the area of wall units and tall cupboards, aluminium glass framed doors made from satinised black glass with black appliqued frames are now available, in both standard and folding versions.

    Additional product improvements have been also introduced, granting more variety and flexibility to the end consumer. Yet, the most exquisite Küchen Meile highlight has been the new colour front 'Stone Grey' and the revolutionary kitchen design in which the new colour has been presented.

    Click on the Image below to see the Pinterest Board on the Küchen Meile 2013 Event

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