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  • We are taking the next step towards kitchen (r)evolution

    Countdown to Milan

    This year in Milan we are taking the next step.
    Join us between 8 and 13 April and discover the most surprising kitchen evolution.

    This year in Milan, in our Design Center we will be presenting what will be the next step towards evolution in the kitchen design world. You are welcome to join us between 8 - 13 April 2014 and become part of this milestone in the history of the kitchen.



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  • +ARTESIO Kitchen at the DTV Set

    +ARTESIO on the D-TV Set

    When D partnered up with London Broadcasting to develop 'D:The Broadcast and re-brand D Living', a total set redesign was needed to represent the taste and vibe of the D brand. They looked to local designer Abbe Fenimore to guide them in their design and she chose Poggenpohl to complement the fresh feel of the existing set.

    When D partnered up with London Broadcasting to develop 'D:The Broadcast and re-brand D Living', a total set redesign was needed to represent the taste and vibe of the D brand. They looked to local designer Abbe Fenimore to guide them in the design of the existing set.

    "D is attracted to a traditional elegance with a modern flair - a youthful vibe with color,” she says. Abbe has realized the importance of making sure that the set could stand up to the ideas and stories from D Magazine Partners’ publications that would be re-purposed for the show.
    “The number one priority was that it felt like D. I knew that we going to be regenerating material from the magazine on to the show. It’s important that these things can co-exist together.” - Abbe Fenimore affirmed. Because sets are constantly being moved around to reflect a segment change, Abbe Fenimore had to think about each piece with regard to mobility and function.
    “Every piece on the set needs to operate easily and quickly.”
    The careful selection of the sofa, the tables and further living accessories has allowed to create the unique set, fresh and modern, that can easily adapt to the different show stories. A painting from local artist Megan Adams, side tables, a tray, a coffee table from Adriana Hoyos, a Catella rug, pillows from The Rug Company, as well as accessories from Z Gallerie and Abbe’s home were pulled together to complete the look.
    Abbe Fenimore has chosen Poggenpohl's modern +ARTESIO kitchen concept to complement the fresh feel of the existing set, and the city backdrop designed in house by advertising art director Michael Hassett grants it an even more contemporary urban look. The result is open, clean, accessible and perfectly attuned to the whole setting's mood.

    Read More: D Magazine
    Discover the +ARTESIO collection and its outrageous capacity to fit every space and every environment.

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  • Royal Chef Darren McGrady cooking in a +ARTESIO kitchen

    Royal Chef cooks in a +ARTESIO

    Royal Chef Darren McGrady cooks in a Poggenpohl kitchen on the new Dallas talk show "D: The Broadcast" while talking about his professional life.

    Darren Mc Grady was personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, Princess of Wales and Princes’ William and Harry for fifteen years and has cooked for Presidents’ Ford, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush. He is now a chef, author, culinary consultant, event planner and public speaker living in Dallas, Texas. His first cookbook titled ‘Eating Royally; recipes and remembrances from a palace kitchen’ is now in sixth print with all of his advance and royalties donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, several times on CNN’s Larry King Live, the Fox News Channel, BBC, CBC, MSNBC and Sky Television. On Fox and Friends covering the Princess Diana Memorial. CNN covering the Royal Wedding and cooked on the Today Show and CBS Early Show in New York.

    Most recently, Chef Darren McGrady has shown his version of Texas grits in the +ARTESIO installed at D-TV.
    Click to visualise the show

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  • Choco Holics at Poggenpohl Milano

    Choco Holics Only

    Chocolate meets art at Poggenpohl Milano. A multisensorial experience by Fabio de Visintini during two fashionable evenings in Via Galileo Galilei with the participation of CHOX, Mastrojanni, Dammann, Damini and the brilliant food writer Roberta Corradin.

    Chocolate meets art at Poggenpohl Milano. A multisensorial experience by Fabio de Visintini during two fashionable evenings in Via Galileo Galilei.
    January, 31 and February, 20. Despite the rain and snow that fell in Milan, both events were tremendously successful. The elegance of Rossana Bettini Illy, the perfectionism of Fabio Visintini and anti-conformism of Andrea Burroni contributed much to the splendor of the night, and inside the Poggenpohl showroom in Milano one could sense a very comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, among distinguished partners distributed along the various display kitchen concepts. Well-known personalities, journalists from the delicious world of food and wine as well as chocolate lovers and guests have highly contributed to the wonderful ambience of such a successful event. While food writer Roberta Corradin unveiled her latest creation, "The Republic of the pig", guests could also enjoy the highly selected meat and the salami from Damini - Macelleria & Affini accompanied with a glass of the splendid Brunello di Montalcino wine from Mastrojanni or even taste the lovely, aromatic tea from Dammann presented by Eugene Barbers. Fabio de Visintini had the virtues of the CHOX chocolate, evoker of pure emotions, gluttonous that fills the body with pleasure and the mind with contentment.

    Discover how the two events went while going through the photos on the Slideshow or Gallery.

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  • LAF at Poggenpohl Amsterdam

    Smaakmakers for LAF

    Poggenpohl Design Studio Amsterdam was stage to a photo shoot for the ‘Life After Football’ Magazine. Football player Ronald de Boer and renowned Chef Ron Blaauw have prepared wonderful gastronomic delicacies together in a Poggenpohl kitchen while talking about their passions and experiences.

    Last February 10th was marked by an interesting photo shoot among the amazing world of Poggenpohl, at Poggenpohl Design Studio in Amsterdam.

    The photo shoot took place under the motto "Smaakmakers" for the magazine "Life After Football" which belongs to the former football player Regi Blinker (player of Feyenoord Rotterdam, Sheffield Wednesday and Celtic Glasgow).

    Ronald de Boer (Ajax Amsterdam player, FC Barcelona and Glasgow Rangers) and renowned Chef Ron Blaauw (2 Michelin stars, Chef and owner of the restaurant "Ron Blaauw" in Amsterdam) have prepared wonderful gastronomic delicacies together while talking about about their passions and experiences. The Poggenpohl kitchen has created the perfect setting. Flowing conversations… in between lovely aromas and exquisite flavours, topmost design and functionality.

    Do not miss the next edition of the LAF magazine, where this article will join many other interesting items. Together again, Poggenpohl (Netherlands) and Life After Football on an ongoing successful partnership.

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  • BENTLEY, FRIENDS & Co. Event

    Bentley, Friends & Co.

    On the 9th and 10th of November at the Bentley Showroom in Düsseldorf, set amongst these beautiful British cars, Poggenpohl demonstrated how iconic and unique its kitchens can be - from the exceptional craftsmanship and the thoughtful, innovative design touches to the outstanding service.

    On the 9th and 10th of November, between 10am and 5pm, Bentley stand in Düsseldorf went from being a showroom of striking luxury cars to a large luxury products’ market.
    This market takes place every two years and it is organized by Bentley. The participation of the most distinguished partners is crucial to its major success.
    In this year’s market Poggenpohl and 15 other selected partners presented guests a wide and attractive range of products. The atmosphere was just perfect...Wonderful guests, beautiful luxury products exuding craftsmanship, heritage and uniqueness, and an amazing live cooking show with bountiful gastronomic delicacies and beverages to the sound of live music.
    Partners also had the opportunity to invite their own customers and create here an interesting platform for networking, socializing and tête-à-têtes.

    Click here to see all our photos taken during this two-days event.

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  • Poggenpohl Porto Studio from exterior by One Letter Photography

    Events in Oporto

    Poggenpohl is continuously surprising its most decerning clientele through alternative events across the globe. In the past months Poggenpohl Studio in Porto, Portugal was stage to six great events. Here are a few insights...

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  • Poggenpohl Made in Germany Shield

    Luxus Made in Germany 2013

    Poggenpohl is the only kitchen brand ranking among the Top 50 Luxury Brands in Germany.

    Luxury products from Germany stand for quality, technical expertise, design and usually also sustainability. Thus, German companies are producing now more contemporary luxury products, that look less for external decoration, and more for preservation and performance.
    Poggenpohl is one of those companies. Every kitchen is manufactured with an exceptional degree of care and attention to detail. Every product is complied with German quality and safety standards before it leaves the production plant in Herford.

    In the future, these features will become even more important as consumers become more aware of the competitive advantages that each individual can achieve with it.
    Also, with the support of consumers, whose expectations and claims should be known and met, there is a growing need to redefine luxury, to measure it and to reinterpret as a concept.

    In 2012, the first Study on the top 50 German Luxury Brands was made public.
    In 2013, things seem to have changed a little... Leica, Dornbracht and Montblanc are among the Top 3; Poggenpohl has shifted to a higher position and is the only kitchen brand ranking among the Top 50 German Luxury Brands.

    Click below to read in full the results of this year's study about the Top 50 German luxury companies.

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  • A perfect integration, the kitchen flows seamlessly with the living and dining room

    25th Annual Kitchen of the Year

    Designer John Coulter of Poggenpohl Atlanta is contest winner // Masculine Marvel in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle 25th Annual Kitchen Contest. A sleek and sexy Poggenpohl kitchen that delivers style and substance with a contemporary scheme of grey, black and stainless steel.

    From a midcentury-modern home to the most traditional Buckhead abodes, this year’s Atlanta Home & Lifestyle contest winners prove that regardless of the home’s style, the most effective kitchen renovations reveal a pared-down approach, open layout and seamless visual flow to adjoining rooms.
    John Coulter of Poggenpohl Atlanta is Contest winner // Masculine Marvel with
    a sleek and sexy kitchen that delivers style and substance with a contemporary scheme of grey, black and stainless steel.

    For an accomplished international businessman making his own domain out of a Buckhead estate, the team at Poggenpohl completely overhauled a formerly out-of-date, cramped kitchen replete with unsightly details. The renovated results could not be more different. "He was one of those dream clients," says designer John Coulter. "He just gave us an idea of what colors and appliances he wanted and said, ‘Now you do the rest'."
    “This kitchen is an example of Poggenpohl doing more and more work with our product in traditional homes,” says architectural sales manager Alison Weidner. “Modern kitchens are becoming much more common. They are a great way to maintain the exterior of a house in a very traditional Atlanta, while still perking up the inside.”

    Click here to read full article » Atlanta Home & Lifestyle

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  • Northern Design Award - Manchester Studio Manager, Jon Andrews, accepting the award from famous UK designer, Wayne Hemingway. On the right Geraldine Mooney from Yorkshire Life Magazine.

    Best Kitchen Retailer

    Winner of the ‘Poggenpohl Studio of the Year’ competition, The Poggenpohl Manchester has been awarded the Northern Design Awards ‘Best Kitchen Retailer’.

    Winner of the ‘Poggenpohl Studio of the Year’ competition, the Poggenpohl Manchester studio has for the past two years, grown in turnover and in terms of actual projects sold. With new contacts being made and relationships grown with local and regional architects, interior designers and developers, the team at Poggenpohl Manchester are going from strength to strength. Now to add to these accolades, the studio has been awarded the Northern Design Awards ‘Best Kitchen Retailer’.

    Studio Manager, Jon Andrews and Designer Gill Pritchard have worked in the showroom in Deansgate Locks for six years and before that at its previous location, also at Deansgate Locks for seven years. They bring with them a combined 45 years’ experience designing and selling kitchens and understand the importance of combining high end design with the needs of the home owner and family life.

    The studio houses six Poggenpohl displays, all beautifully designed and appointed by the Manchester team, showing the Poggenpohl brand for what it is; a leading edge Manufacturer of designer kitchens made to last and designed to work for real families in real homes. The displays include the award winning +Artesio with glass doors in GC Polar White, a stunningly beautiful kitchen that reflects the light and so obviously portrays luxury. Ensuring that all price brackets are covered within the studio, Poggenpohl’ s less expensive design, +Edition, is also shown for customers to compare. These kitchens, no matter the price bracket, are all built to the same exacting standards.

    During 2013, Poggenpohl has continued to invest in the Manchester studio, as it does every year, and three new displays have been designed and installed within the space. This keeps the showroom new and up to date and allows the team to show customers what is emerging from the designers at the factory in Germany within a very short time.

    Poggenpohl works closely with Hülsta, a top end German furniture manufacturer that sits very well within the studio, allowing the team to show customers the complete solution of furniture for their kitchen, dining room and seating areas. With open plan designs still very current in kitchen installations, the Poggenpohl studio in Deansgate Locks offers the perfect solution for the design savvy consumer, architect and interior designer.

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