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  • Poggenpohl Sweden Birthday event

    Poggenpohl Sweden “Birthday Event”

    Once again this year, Poggenpohl Sweden organized an intimate evening event to celebrate with customers who had their elegant and sophisticated Poggenpohl kitchens delivered 2016.

    Once again this year, Poggenpohl Sweden organised a ‘get together’ to celebrate its amazing 2016 clients. Theme, highlight and purpose of this evening was to create and suggest the perfect ambiance for different occasions to integrate into one’s Poggenpohl kitchen.

    The event cherished the participation of the fantastic chef, Mathias Herlev Hansson who prepared delicacies, served on beautiful china from the Cobra Collection. The signature dishes included: beautiful lightly smoked ox topside with Kalix bleak roe, spruce shoot oil and almond potato crisps; a remarkable steamed cod with browned butter hollandaise, horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes; a delicious sea buckthorn sorbet with dark chocolate fudge and sea salt.
    These delicacies were accompanied by an exquisite selection of wines - Pol Roger Brut Vintage 2008, Ch Couhins lurton 2004, Chateau Petit Vedrines 2010 - by the incredible sommelier and event coordinator, Mattias Thoresson who put everything together in a perfect match including a wine glass test, in the new Veritas champagne glass from Riedel.

    A very successful event during which Poggenpohl documented its core function – to create individual spaces where the family meets and where the shared pleasure of dining takes place.

    The guests feedback was overwhelming… All were enthusiastic to copy this spirit into their own new Poggenpohl kitchens.

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  • Poggenpohl NY Downtown - Cooking by the Book

    Cooking by the Book Opening

    2017 kicked off with Poggenpohl and Caesarstone revealing Cooking by the Book's new state-of-the-art kitchen design.

    Last January, 17 Poggenpohl revealed in partnership with Caesarstone Cooking by the Book - Tribeca’s famous culinary establishment for nearly 30 year - new state-of-the-art kitchen design which is now fresher, cleaner and amazingly interesting from layout to functionality.

    Over 100 guests from media, industry partners to architect and design firms joined the dynamic and exciting evening event to witness the unveiling of the iconic culinary institution's future forward new look featuring Poggenpohl cabinetry and Caesarstone surfaces. Cooking by the Book chefs demonstrated the ergonomic function and beauty of their new outstanding surroundings by cooking and serving amazing freshly prepared hors d'oeuvres accompanied by an exceptional wine selection and light refreshments.

    A very memorable evening to symbolise the beginning of a new gastronomic era of Tribeca’s well-known Cooking by the Book establishment.

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  • Poggenpohl Atlanta Celebrates the Holiday Season with Cosentino

    Poggenpohl Atlanta Celebrates the Holiday Season with Cosentino

    In December, Poggenpohl toasted the Holiday Season with Cosentino by bringing together architects and designers in its amazing kitchen studio in Atlanta. We take a look…

    With the aim in looking ahead to prosperous 2017 with new Poggenpohl kitchen inspirations and Cosentino highlights, both brands joined together and invited illustrious architects and designers for a relaxing evening event in the ample, well decorated Poggenpohl premises in Atlanta.

    While enjoying especially prepared hors d’oeuvres accompanied by an amazing beverage selection and delicious assortments of cheese, all toasted together to Atlanta, the holiday season and the new kitchen trends for 2017.

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  • Poggenpohl at KBIS 2017 in Orlando

    New innovations at KBIS 2017

    2017 kicked off with Poggenpohl presenting its +STAGE theme units at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando.

    In January at the KBIS in Orlando, in conjunction with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), Poggenpohl was offered an enthusiastic welcome by designers, builders, architects, media and industry partners for the awarded +STAGE concept, a versatile luxury element - composed for example of a bespoke bar, breakfast, tea or wardrobe - that can be either a free-standing furniture item or an extension of one’s custom made Poggenpohl kitchen. With an impressive kitchen +SEGMENTO display with a floating countertop, Poggenpohl impressed visitors with its iconic product’s versatility and beauty~.

    During this inspiring, interactive showcase, Poggenpohl also participated in the Design Milk X Modenus Social Media Lounge with a panel discussion on European Kitchen design, exclusive for social media influencers, bloggers and approved Design VIPs. Poggenpohl designers, Roger Zierman and Jennifer Fordham, joined experts from Liebherr to answer questions about European Design and to present the brand’s exciting and latest trends.

    KBIS in conjunction with the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is an ispiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry produtcts, trends and technologies and has been the voice of the kitchen and bath industry for more than 50 years. KBIS 2017 was held on January 10-12 at the Orange County Convention Center. Know more about KBIS

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  • Poggenpohl New York Midtown - Taste of T 2016

    Taste of T with 10 Below at Poggenpohl New York

    Last November, Poggenpohl Midtown New York was stage to a delightful gastronomic event – the New York's premier Food & Design Taste of T event, sponsored by the New York Times Style Magazine and the A&D Building.

    This year, Taste of T – presented by The New York Times Style Magazine and the A&D Building –featured elemental ingredients and experiences that unify nourishment and cuisine across the globe, breaking them down, and examining how this informs the future of food. A very interesting culinary challenge that Poggenpohl could not refuse being part of.

    In an exceptional evening event in Poggenpohl premises, where gastronomy, art and kitchen design converged in a very interesting way, the most illustrious guests were delighted with the Thai-inspired ice cream rolls from 10 Below - just as exciting to the palate as it was a feast to the eyes - while enjoying the made in Germany custom made kitchens on display throughout the studio space.

    A memorable and delightful gastronomic event, that will most surely be repeated soon.

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  • Archtober Cocktail Crawl at Poggenpohl Downtown

    Poggenpohl New York Downtown Archtober Cocktail Crawl

    Last October, Poggenpohl presented at its New York Downtown Design Studio the coveted Cocktail party sponsored by The Architect’s Newspaper, Archtober, and NYCxDESIGN in the Flatiron District of New York City. Here a few of the best moments during the “Archtober Cocktail Crawl”.

    Last October Poggenpohl New York Downtown Studio opened its doors to over 150 architects during the coveted Archtober Cocktail Crawl. An amusing evening and special celebration, where architects and designers had the opportunity to share their own experiences, their work and portfolio, thoughts, visions and do some networking, as well as meet the new Poggenpohl kitchen trends and product collection. While mingling throughout the open space studio, guests could enjoy a specially prepared signature cocktail – the delicious “Poggentini” – very much appreciated by all.

    There was also an exciting raffle for architects who visited seven studios with a chance to win a much wished for $500 AMEX gift card.

    Further participants: Alchemy materials, AKDO, Duravit, Duxiana, DXV, Ernest, HG Stones, Grohe, MCKB, West|NYC Home.

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  • Poggenpohl Los Angeles hosts WestEdge Design Fair Kick Off Event

    WestEdge Design Fair

    The month of October was marked with the celebration of the WestEdge Design Fair kick off which took place at the Poggenpohl studio in Los Angeles in partnership with the California Home + Design Magazine. We take a look…

    A festive and unique evening event on the 20th of October during which 50 exclusive guests had the chance to meet Poggenpohl designers behind the many inspiring kitchen options showcased throughout the ample studio space, while enjoying signature cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

    The event was a true success, as usual, and Poggenpohl studio Los Angeles and its kitchens were subject to the best reviews. For this elegant evening affair, Poggenpohl also counted with the two brands Miele and Consentino which helped enrich the event into a one-of-a-kind.


    The fourth edition of WestEdge itself took place in Santa Monica featuring 150 exhibitors offering the best in modern design all in an environment designed to engage, entertain and inspire. To complete this extraordinary event, there were also stimulating panel discussions, vibrant culinary classes and exciting book signings.

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  • Poggenpohl Boston Hosts First Look Event with Design New England

    First Look Event with Design New England

    Poggenpohl hosts Design New England Magazine’s first look event in its Boston studio.

    Last September 7th, Poggenpohl welcomed in its Boston studio more than 50 guests – interior designers, architects and selected readers– to a first look event organized by the Design New England Magazine to launch its September/October renovations issue. While enjoying especially prepared hors d’oeuvres, guests also took the opportunity to learn from Poggenpohl and FBN Construction LLC about their insider stories of renovating a Lexington kitchen featured in the issue.

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  • Poggenpohl Chicago - Ballis Home

    Featured in Foodie Fiction author Stacey Ballis’ Chicago Home Renovation

    By exposing steel beams and keeping existing woodwork, the kitchen kept its original look. Poggenpohl’s beautiful wood cabinets brought the kitchen into modern times and created a timeless look.

    Poggenpohl is featured in the Chicago kitchen renovation for author and Chef Stacey Ballis. The 800 square foot kitchen was beautifully redesigned to maintain the authentic feel of the 100+-year-old home, while bringing in modern touches. Poggenpohl Chicago led the project and created a beautiful contemporary kitchen that was harmonious with the centenarian dignity of the home.

    Poggenpohl Studio Chicago perfectly blended the old with the new. By exposing steel beams and keeping existing woodwork, the kitchen kept its original look. Poggenpohl’s beautiful wood cabinets brought the kitchen into modern times and created a timeless look.

    Stacey Ballis, an author of 10 Foodie Fiction novels, wanted a design that was best for cooking and entertaining, both elements that Poggenpohl delivered. “We were able to embrace the design process without worry,” Ballis said about their Poggenpohl experience.

    The renovated Chicago kitchen also featured two primary cooking and prep areas, all new luxury appliances and new countertops.

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  • Chef Antonio Carluccio at Poggenpohl in Waterloo.

    Chef Antonio Carluccio at Poggenpohl in Waterloo

    In September Poggenpohl’s Waterloo studio hosted a delicious pasta masterclass with famous Italian chef and restaurateur Antonio Carluccio. Discover here some moments…

    Poggenpohl was selected by Carluccio’s team as the perfect venue for awarding a masterclass, as prize of an impressive preceding competition organised by the Carluccio’s restaurants. According to Carluccio’s team Poggenpohl allows the creation of the ideal setting for demonstrating top-end cooking techniques while entertaining. The three lucky winners and their partners spent a memorable evening learning to cook the most amazing pasta with remarkable Chef Antonio Carluccio, who showed and revealed some of his most astonishing culinary secrets.

    Following the intense gastronomic activities and enriching class, participants could relax and savour the resultant culinary creations, while recalling some of the best moments and discussing about Carluccio's popular cook books offered to all participants with a personalized and dedicated autograph.

    “It was lovely cooking here… I would like to come back.” – affirmed Chef Antonio Carluccio.

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