Connecting Spaces

+ARTESIO reinvents the kitchen, connecting space and uniting the activities of cooking, relaxing and living. Its dramatic arch is a pioneering feature and brings an architectural sense of structure to the room. The result is open, clean, accessible and perfectly attuned to the owner’s needs.

Poggenpohl Brandbook - Germany Berlin - Customer Kitchen +ARTESIO +ARTESIO
+ARTESIO polar white and brushed pine

Harmony in Space

+ARTESIO uses modular construction and matching front and side panels to harmonise panel walls, base units and furniture. Meanwhile the dramatic arch and grooved wall unite the kitchen with the surrounding space. This architectural approach creates a common horizontal plane that links cooking and living areas with seamless harmony.

+ARTESIO_glass polar white_brushed pine

Wall of Potential

The multi-functional wall, with its grooved panel, turns a flat surface into a source of inspiration. It conceals a horizontal LED strip that directs light upwards and can take strong, light stainless steel shelves for books, ornaments or kitchen tools. Alternatively a stainless steel panel within it can carry switches, sockets and wall fittings. The horizontal grooves draw the eye outwards and onwards.   

+ARTESIO_glass polar white_brushed pine_closeup_cabinets
+ARTESIO polar white and brushed pine - Functional arc and corner bench
+ARTESIO functional arc - polar white and brushed pine

Under the Arch

The distinctive +ARTESIO arch displays fresh thinking and dramatic flair. It’s a highly functional form, neatly concealing the routing of cables, audio and extractor air whilst providing ambient light for the kitchen area. It’s also an architectural statement, giving height and stature to the room and linking the kitchen with the space beyond it.

Hadi Teherani - Portrait

Meet the Designer

Iranian-born architect Hadi Teherani worked with Poggenpohl to create the +ARTESIO range. He’s known for his holistic approach to architectural space, encompassing product and interior design as well as the essential structure of buildings. Discover his philosophy of kitchen design.