Hadi Teherani - Portrait

Meet the Designer

Iranian-born architect Hadi Teherani worked with Poggenpohl to create the +ARTESIO range. He’s known for his holistic approach to architectural space, encompassing product and interior design as well as the essential structure of buildings. Discover his philosophy of kitchen design.

Hadi Teherani explains the thinking behind +ARTESIO: "As a designer too, I adopt the same all-embracing approach as I do as an architect. It's not the beauty of an individual property that's important for me, but giving space the right atmosphere and mood. This is why solutions fall short that only do justice to individual problems. And it is why design aficionados are often disappointed when the impact of the new property fails to materialise in their personal environment. With the home as people's form of existence, that's what counts most. Then, just being able to cook in a kitchen is not enough.” As one might expect of such a celebrated innovator, Hadi Teherani has his own take on fashion and current trends. “A room is a room because the mood is right, not because it reproduces consumer trends” he declares. “The kitchen is an additional living room with an additional, specific functional background, just as a bedroom can simultaneously also be a social and work room. If this modular approach is taken into account, the result is a kitchen with very flexible furnishing which remains practical and aesthetic for several decades."

When it came to creating +ARTESIO, Hadi Teherani was aware that Poggenpohl customers demand the latest and best cooking technologies – yet technology for technology’s sake has no place in his creations. “Attention today focuses on emotion, not function. In other words, homeliness, mood and balanced sensuality are important aspects. Despite this, the kitchen's functions must still be perfect and available at the flick of a finger. This requires more high-tech than in the past, but it remains in the background. Demonstrative high-tech functionality no longer determines the appearance of the home. Do I really have to look at a monitor, fridge or hi-fi equipment even though I don't actually need it right now? This prominent display of equipment luxury is increasingly giving way to concealed, integrated technology.”

Both Poggenpohl and Hadi Teherani share a commitment to creating a design of lasting worth. “Passion is impossible if architects and designers do not succeed in arousing their audience's emotions. Without such passion, there cannot be any long-term enthusiasm, no emotional bond with the product, no sustainability in the sense of long periods of use over many generations. Only this all-embracing claim ultimately – in the best case – creates a so-called classic, a milestone of design that remains in people's consciousness and in the shops for decades to come.”