Poggenpohl +EDITION kitchen - HP 670 white high-gloss

Timeless appeal

Enduring quality and elegant design that never goes out of fashion. From a traditional style kitchen to a modern twist on classic design themes, +EDITION offers all the flexibility and choice one could wish for.

Poggenpohl Brandbook - Switzerland Lausanne - Customer Kitchen
+EDITION Framed Doors

Timeless appeal

+EDITION offers a choice of frame styles. The traditional framed doors have rounded, milled edges for the classic ‘window frame’ look.  Alternatively a crisper, cleaner look can be achieved with the clear-cut frame style. This choice gives a wide range of styles, to suit any home and style of décor from the classic to the contemporary.

Poggenpohl +EDITION nut tree nature frame front - frame closeup
+EDITION Glass Doors

Glass distinction

+EDITION offers a choice of glass to create the right impression. For the traditional look, Poggenpohl offers clear glass with the structured ‘lattice’ frame. Alternatively, satin white or black-tint glass can strike a dramatic visual note, especially when the frame is in a coordinating shade.

Poggenpohl +EDITION nut tree nature frame front - sink tap closeup