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Poggenpohl open-plan kitchen and dining room connected to the outside

Poggenpohl +STORIES

Kitchens from around the world

As there a long wall extending from the kitchen into the dining area, Poggenpohl´s +INTEGRATION range, fits perfectly and helped the two areas to combine seamlessly

Joined-up Thinking

This brand new home is located in one of the most historic areas of South Africa. At its heart is a spacious kitchen and dining area that blends perfectly with the building’s contemporary architectural aesthetic.

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The brief for the kitchen specified an open space facing out into the living and dining areas, with both an Asian and a gourmet kitchen for entertaining and interacting with guests.

Canvas for Creativity

For luxury property developers, interior design presents a challenge. They need to create an appealing space with the required ‘Wow’ factor. Yet it also needs to be neutral enough to appeal to the new owner’s creativity. The developers of this Singapore residence struck the perfect balance.

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Poggenpohl design that picks up the black and white motif of the marble tiled floor with matt white units and black worktops

Ancient and Modern

Old houses pose many challenges as walls, floors and ceilings are very rarely straight. The owners of this charming property in Moritzburg, Germany, were undeterred. They decided to remodel the interior to blend the best of old and new. However their plans for the kitchen required careful thought.

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A remarkable room with light streaming in from both ends, an open space that unites dining area, kitchen and family living.

Living Underground

The owners of this West London home had to dig deep – literally – in order to achieve their dream of a large, open-plan kitchen and dining room connected to the outside. Their 1850s Regency town house is a historic building with the highest Grade I listing, so removing existing internal walls wasn’t an option. Instead they embarked on a two-year excavation that created a whole new subterranean level underneath their four-storey house.

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Panoramic windows bring views of the surrounding woodland into this home. At its heart is a calm, beautifully ordered Poggenpohl kitchen based around a large island unit.

Woodland Haven

Panoramic windows bring views of the surrounding woodland into this Minnesota home. At its heart is a calm, beautifully ordered kitchen based around a large island unit. Wooden flooring and cabinets create a strong connection between the house and its environment.

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The result is both contemporary and entirely harmonious with its surroundings, with the skilful use of anthracite and white on the exterior façade continuing into the interior.

Design in Harmony

The husband and wife who created this contemporary home in the centre of Pirna are also in a professional partnership, being an architect and interior designer respectively. Their house is both a family home and a showcase for their talents. Clearly, only the best would do when it came to their choice of kitchen.

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37 year kitchen in Atlanta

European styling. Tough Enough for Five Boys.

Poggenpohl in Atlanta celebrates 37 year anniversary with story of its first kitchen in the area… still as beautiful and inspiring today as it was the day it was installed in 1977. Discover the story behind this beautiful kitchen.

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Poggenpohl Porsche Design satin-finish white and high-gloss black to create a modern but welcoming ambience

Love at First Sight

This house in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, has been home to the same family since it was built for them in 1987. But times change: after their children had left home, the owners felt it was time for a dramatic transformation. At the heart of their plans was a new kitchen, integrated into a redesigned open-plan living space.

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Poggenpohl kitchen feature advanced technology and clean, sophisticated lines

East Meets West

No country in the world has undergone a more dramatic transformation in the 21st century than China. Now an economic superpower, China’s booming economy has seen the growth of a new, entrepreneurial and brand-aware middle class, eager to enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned prosperity. High on the list of desirable investments is a luxury kitchen.

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