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You won’t find this design in now a days. That’s because it was installed 36 years ago. It’s still easy to live with and works as well as ever.

Built to Last

You won’t find this design in the 2014 range. That’s because it was installed 36 years ago. It’s still easy to live with – and works as well as ever. However, having taken the decision to extend the kitchen, the owners will finally be replacing this faithful servant with another Poggenpohl kitchen.

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Poggenpohl´s aesthetic considerations prompted the choice but the practical side of the installation equally made an impression

Shades of Inspiration

Some people choose a kitchen for its quality and durability. For others, a more artistic sensibility comes into play. As this Japanese home shows, you can enjoy both distinctive design and outstanding quality in the same kitchen.

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This Poggenpohl kitchen is a beautifully designed, meticulously executed space for cooking, living and socialising.

Lakeside Idyll

This relaxed beach house in north-west Florida is the holiday home of a Texan family. Long, lazy summer evenings find them relaxing on the back patio, enjoying the spa and pool. Indoors, the kitchen takes centre stage, whether they’re enjoying a late brunch or hosting a party for friends.

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The long, dramatic island bar makes a superb focal point

Swiss Precision

The owner of this Geneva apartment had clear ideas about what he wanted: a modern and contemporary kitchen that’s also highly functional. It’s the perfect place to cook a relaxed meal for two or entertain friends.

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The old galley kitchen had to go. In its place, a fully-equipped Poggenpohl kitchen that’s also part gallery.

From Galley to Gallery

The owner of this 75-year-old Cape Cod home had an unusual brief: to create a kitchen that is not a kitchen. An interior designer herself, she wanted her kitchen space to provide an inspiring backdrop to her growing collection of art and crafts. The old galley kitchen had to go. In its place, a fully-equipped kitchen that’s also part gallery.

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Magnificent Poggenpohl´s kitchen enhancing the surroundings and the city views

City Vistas

The triple-aspect penthouse kitchen of this renovated duplex apartment offers panoramic views over London. Preserving an uninterrupted sight line was one of the key elements of the design brief.

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Poggenpohl Brandbook Cover

Poggenpohl launches +STORIES Book

Every Poggenpohl Kitchen has a story to tell. No matter how beautiful it is, there’s much more to a Poggenpohl Kitchen than the way it looks.There are discoveries to be made, aspects of design and craftsmanship that make cooking and living so much more enjoyable.

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A long and imposing island unit equipped with sinks, storage cupboard and  hob faces out towards the courtyard that is accessible via the large glass sliding doors.

Cupcakes and Heavy metal

With its striking modernist exterior of glass and copper, Rammamere House looks like it belongs in a movie. Step inside though, and the aroma of freshly-baked cakes – and the sound of guitars - will soon tell you this is a living, breathing family home. And the hub of family life is the kitchen.

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The Porsche Design Kitchen´s blue has warmth that’s comfortable to live with on cooler days and when the nights draw in.

Relaxation Therapy

Forty minutes’ drive from Auckland, this Orewa beachfront home is a calm weekend retreat for its owners. It’s a tranquil place to relax, unwind and let the pressures of the week drift away – and their kitchen strikes just the right note.

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