A Country Castle

The owner of this quirky apartment in the Swiss countryside has a background in catering and gastronomy, so she appreciates the importance of a well-designed kitchen. The ground-floor apartment was completely restructured in 2012 with the kitchen as its central feature.

With its distinctive, tiled tower this country house looks like a miniature castle. The reality is a little more down to earth. Built in 1900 in the dairy farming area of Bussigny, the home originally belonged to a director of a nearby Nestlé condensed milk factory. Around 1965 the house was converted into apartments. The current owner bought her apartment in 1993 when she returned to the area after a four-year period abroad.
It’s a beautiful property, with parquet floors, high stucco ceilings and a large, verdant garden. However the original kitchen was a throwback to the days when a kitchen was a place to work, not entertain. So in 2012 the owner took the bold decision to remodel the apartment, moving the kitchen from the north to the south-west corner and converting the former kitchen and bathroom into a dressing room, bathroom and shower-hammam. Both she and her

partner made a careful survey of kitchen brands, visiting showrooms and exhibitions and requesting catalogues. In the end their choice was unanimous. Poggenpohl’s quality, choice and ability to make bespoke kitchens to fit a defined space won their approval. Working with Nouvelle Cuisine Aosta in Italy, the elements of the design gradually took shape. They chose +EDITION because its classic framed style suited the character of the building and their décor. The central island unit is used for food preparation and presentation, with food storage and a coffee machine along one wall and the large, traditional range cooker against the other. Their Poggenpohl designer’s expertise was invaluable in planning the layout and details such as drawer interiors, lighting and storage. The designer kept the project on schedule and on budget from start to end.

Poggenpohl +EDITION classic framed style suited with the character of the building and their décor.
Poggenpohl traditional look, offers clear glass with the structured lattice frame.
Inset sink with a stainless steel vegetable colander
Poggenpohl customer kitchen in Lausanne, Switzerland
Poggenpohl +EDITION kitchen, the proof of true luxury is in details
The traditional Poggenpohl framed cabinets have rounded, milled edges for the classic window frame look.
Poggenpohl +EDITION framed cabinet doors are finished in a bright and contemporary shade, yet harmonise perfectly with the traditional range cooker in the corner.

As the finished result shows, the effort was worth it. The +EDITION framed cabinet doors are finished in a bright and contemporary shade, yet harmonise perfectly with the traditional range cooker in the corner. The owner is a graduate of the Lausanne Hotel School and has since pursued a career in hotel management and the promotion of Swiss wine. Her partner, formerly a chef, now works in the country where he can indulge his passion for hunting and fishing. Beautifully cooked fresh produce is never in short supply in their home. With such an array of culinary skills at their disposal, the couple enjoy French gastronomy as well as Italian, Asian and Moroccan cookery.
The finished Poggenpohl kitchen has been a delight to use since it was completed in 2012. It is in perfect harmony with the house and its surroundings. Light floods the wooden-floored space and there’s access to the garden through the French windows. Thanks to the remodelling of the ground floor, there is plenty of space in the 48-square-metre area to cook, relax and spend time with friends.

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Magnificent Poggenpohl´s kitchen enhancing the surroundings and the city views

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Fitted appliances, an irreplaceable steam oven and an exhaust fan that is embedded in the bench, noting that it is efficient, saves space and is easy to clean

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