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Originally a derelict agricultural building, this spacious converted barn is now home to a young family with two teenagers and a toddler. The double-height kitchen and dining area makes for a friendly home with the kitchen at its heart.

It took an act of faith to imagine that Cat Hill Barn could ever be a family home, especially as the structurally unsafe Grade II listed building didn’t even have planning permission when its current owners bought it in June 2009. With perseverance they obtained the necessary clearance, and working with their chosen firm of architects they have created an inspiring space that recently won two awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects.
With two active boys and a toddler, one of the owners’ requirements was to create a snug area for the kids at one end of the barn with a kitchen and living area at the other. The arrangement works perfectly, giving the boys a space with a pool table where they can play while the family comes together in the kitchen at mealtimes. Sunday lunches regularly draw 10 or more hungry relatives and guests to the large dining table. Poggenpohl Leeds designed the kitchen space from an initial brief by the owners. They had created a moodboard of the colours, textures and materials they liked. Proportions, materials and finishes were critically important to the success of the scheme. The owners wanted a kitchen that blended into its surroundings and didn’t shout too loudly. They chose +MODO, with its distinctive display drawers beneath the worktop, to create a sense of openness and informality. The couple did shop around but as soon as they saw the kitchen in the Poggenpohl showroom they knew nstinctively this was the one.

Every inch of this Poggenpohl kitchen has been considered to fit perfectly with the modernity of the rest.
Poggenpohl +MODO with its distinctive display drawers beneath the worktop, creates a sense of openness and informality.
Recess panels with satin glass and LED-lighting in this +MODO custom built kitchen installed in London. It's not just about aesthetics, it is a smart solution for a kitchen to function effectively.
The sleek handle defines the cabinets and drawers silhouette of this Poggenpohl +MODO kitchen
Poggenpohl customer kitchen in Cat Hill Barn, London
This arrangement works perfectly, a snug area with a pool table extend the space of the kitchen for the family gathering.
The Titan Grey worktop appears to float above the island unit of this Poggenpohl +MODO kitchen

The colours, textures and materials matched their vision of the scheme’s exposed stone, steel and polished concrete. The deep worktop appears to float above the island unit. The titan grey top and units perfectly match what the architect called battleship grey which was used for all exposed steelwork. It wasn’t just about aesthetics though. For the owners, it was just as important that the kitchen functioned effectively. Here the Poggenpohl designers’ experience in positioning and planning the layout proved invaluable. For example, the husband cites the bin beneath the prep area into which rubbish can simply be dropped and the instant hot water tap that removed the need for a kettle and helped to achieve the minimalist look they were aiming for. In the words of the proud owner, “Every inch of the kitchen has been considered and it fits in perfectly with the modernity of the rest of the barn. It’s actually the key space which brings everything together.”

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Magnificent Poggenpohl´s kitchen enhancing the surroundings and the city views

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