Poggenpohl - The Fourth Wall Concept


Poggenpohl and Electrolux Grand Cuisine represent kitchen design and professional cooking technology at the very pinnacle of luxury.

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Poggenpohl Craftsmanship - Absolute Customization

Изготовление на заказ

Все кухни Poggenpohl изготавливаются на заказ, по этой причине никогда не бывает двух полностью одинаковых. Но жизнь каждой из них начинается одинаковым образом – с чистого листа бумаги и замысла заказчика. В результате, готовая кухня является истинным отражением индивидуальных потребностей

Poggenpohl Highboard Mirrored

Вне всякого сравнения

Откройте то, что делает кухню Poggenpohl неповторимой – от наших исключительных качеств изготовления и сервиса до продуманных, инновационных штрихов дизайна, которые отличают Poggenpohl от других.

Poggenpohl Front Doors - Matt Finishes

Создание кухни Poggenpohl

Так много вариантов; такой большой выбор. В условиях экспертных подсказок со стороны дизайнера Poggenpohl, процесс выбора кухни Poggenpohl подогнан под присущие только каждому отдельному заказчику потребности и видение.

Poggenpohl Living Worlds

All About Poggenpohl Poggenpohl Living Worlds

Poggenpohl drawers and cabinets are renowned for their strength and ability to withstand a lifetime. Therefore, more and more, people tend to purchase Poggenpohl cabinet solutions not only for their kitchen spaces but also for their living areas. Discover here some creative ways of establishing Poggenpohl’s functionality and elegance throughout the home.

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100%design in London

News Join the 100% Design Event

This September, the trendy city of London will present another edition of the 100% Design. You are invited to join us from the 17th – 20th of September - Stand K242 in Earls Court London.

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Ergonomic work space

All About Poggenpohl The Right Ingredients for Perfect kitchen

A well-thought kitchen can save up a lot of work. Good workflows, adequate storage and comfort of motion are three essential key features in a kitchen that aims to be practical and functional. Discover here how these are part of each and every Poggenpohl kitchen design.

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A second run of cabinets extends along an island opposite wall which features four windows. The worktop had to be recisely cut to fit inside each window reveal, with no room for error

+STORIES The Time-Travelling Cook

If you live in an older house, the default choice of kitchen is often a traditional design. But the owners of this London home wanted their kitchen to be contemporary and minimalist, in a light, open and airy space. With the help of their designer, they not only achieved their ideal kitchen but also integrated it beautifully into their 150-year-old London home.

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A practical yet aesthetic family kitchen with plenty of storage

+STORIES Fire and Ice

The temperature in Dubai can reach over 40° C, and it rarely drops below 30° C from April through until October. This villa in the Palm Jumeirah with its spacious and contemporary kitchen offers a cool, welcoming refuge from the heat of the midday sun.

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As there a long wall extending from the kitchen into the dining area, Poggenpohl´s +INTEGRATION range, fits perfectly and helped the two areas to combine seamlessly

+STORIES Joined-up Thinking

This brand new home is located in one of the most historic areas of South Africa. At its heart is a spacious kitchen and dining area that blends perfectly with the building’s contemporary architectural aesthetic.

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