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Magico Vapore V-Zug at Poggenpohl Flagship-Store Milan

Magico Vapore V-Zug at Poggenpohl Flagship-Store Milan

Research, innovation and training Frigo2000: food culture starts from its preparation. During the presentation at Poggenpohl Milan, different types of cooking were tested in order to discover the efficiency of V-Zug ovens, especially vacuum cooking that allows to preserve nutritional properties of the food. Chef Reto Stefania and Roberto Knopp demonstrated the simplicity of these ovens preparing an awesome menu.

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Poggenpohl Milano Fashion Week 2019

Milano Fashion Week 2019

Jenny Monteiro Harmonica Fall / Winter 2019-2020

The store was theater of J. Monteiro Fall / Winter 2019-2020 Harmonica presentation.

The three shows in the program have seen the participation of hundreds of people who have admired the creations of the Milanese designer with Brazilian background.

A great success made possible by the collaboration with leading professionals in Milan who have created an exclusive event in the heart of the city.

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Poggenpohl Milano - Andrea Bianco Art Exhibition

Andrea Bianco Art Exhibition

14.-16. dicembre 2018
Andrea Bianco Art Exhibition

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Re-Opening Flagship-Store Milan

The flagship store is ground-breaking in its concept and design. In addition to the showroom kitchens, it also includes a cosy lounge area, custom-made consultation tables and a video wall. It is the first showroom worldwide to stand for Poggenpohl's new brand image. The new customer-focused strategy will be staged at other stores worldwide over the next few years.

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