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For people. By people.

Anyone who wants to live well needs the right environment. To relax, as inspiration, for creative development.

Eating, cooking and indulging are basic human needs. We turn these into a feast every day. As Poggenpohl does not build ready-made kitchens but bespoke kitchens for individuals. Whatever your requirements are for your new favourite space, we will do our very best to make them possible for you. As we don’t just want you to cook in your kitchen. But create, experience, explore and live. Every day.

Every one of us has their very own personal needs. Some need more time out than others, some blossom in company while others are happy being on their own. Poggenpohl kitchens bring people together. They are open but individual, communicative, and provide places of retreat.

Our immediate surroundings reflect who we are. We create our own spaces to suit us, where we can feel and move freely. Ideally this freedom continues in the kitchen. As creativity and adventurousness are called for here in particular.

For people. By people.

You can do what you like in your kitchen. Our claim is to provide you with the best possible conditions for this.

We are all different. But at home, we are also all the same. Everyone needs their space, a place that reflects our own individuality. We distance ourselves – and then find our way back together. Often in the kitchen. The shared space unites. It provides enough freedom for each individual, but also a feeling of community.

From the big to the small, from outside to inside. So we have a foothold: a place where we are at home. A place of longing, to which we want to return time and again. People, who stand by us and whom we stand by. And simply our favourite pieces, which constitute our life: memories, souvenirs, mementos. Former aims, plans, wishes manifesting themselves in one place. Symbolising us.

Everyone creates their own very special area, in which they can be creative, get some peace, enjoy themselves. The place where you can be by yourself is something very personal. It’s great when we can share it with other people: family, friends, relatives. Everyone brings personality to the table.

For people. By visionaries.

Do you yearn for tomorrow but crave something familiar at the same time? No problem.

There are many different life plans today. You don’t have to have the same job forever, the same hair colour, the same friends. And a kitchen no longer has to look like a kitchen. It was always the case at parties that you congregated in the kitchen. This room is a favourite place. Which is why our kitchens are where you are, not the other way around.

One thing always stays the same: the fact that everything changes. Flexibility is part of every plan these days. Actually, lots of plans comprise of having no plan. So it’s all the more important to have a place where a basic constant remains: This is home. This is where I am. And where you are.

Every life is tailor-made – and you yourself have the tools for this in your hands. But we can support you – with living solutions that are tailored to meet your exact demands.

For people. By us.

It’s great that you are placing your trust in us. We will treat it with respect.

Eating can be a ritual. It can create a community, cement friendships, begin relationships. But it can simply be an everyday event too. A nice, peaceful everyday life, when things work, people turn to each other and we can feel happy at home.

Let your creativity, your zest for life, your experience run wild and dream: Your kitchen. Keep this image with you. And when you’re ready, speak to us. Let us build something from your image together: Your new favourite place – that can do everything but has to do nothing. We look forward to seeing you.