Poggenpohl in a Novel

Stacey Ballis new book is about a woman whose perfect life falls apart in spectacular fashion, leaving her with a house to restore, an antique cookbook (but no cooking talent) and one very unhappy schnauzer. Poggenpohl is stage to this amazing novel.

Poggenpohl Chicago - Recipe Disaster Launch Party
Poggenpohl Chicago - Recipe Disaster Launch Party
Poggenpohl Chicago - Recipe Disaster Launch Party

“You’re very talented. Is this Poggenpohl?” he says, caressing a cabinet reverently with long fingers, sliding a slim drawer open to reveal the knife rack within, pushing it closed with the slightest touch. I’m impressed. The high-end cabinetry company is simply a cut above, famous for both clean lines and an enormous range of organizational details. When Grant and I did the kitchen at our – I mean HIS – apartment, I turned him on to their stuff, and he was so impressed with both the look and the function that he insisted we use them again when we did this place. It was a huge investment on his part, and I thank god we did the kitchen first, since it will be a great selling feature and I would never have been able to afford it now.

“Yes, it is, you have a good eye. A lot of people don’t recognize their stuff.”

“You can’t mistake their lines or their finishes, or attention to detail.”

Stacey Ballis, celebrated author, launched her new book “Recipe for Disaster” at the Cosentino Center in Chicago, an event sponsored by Poggenpohl, Cosentino, and Stone Masters.

A very interesting book, “With the perfect blend of humor and heart, Ballis’s writing is powerfully honest and genuinely hilarious.” - Jen Lancaster raves.