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The triple-aspect penthouse kitchen of this renovated duplex apartment offers panoramic views over London. Preserving an uninterrupted sight line was one of the key elements of the design brief.

This London apartment block was originally a grand hotel dating back to 1895. Seven years before buying this apartment, one of the owners had lived in another flat within the property. So when the building was redeveloped in 2002, retaining the original façade but with a modern interior, he expressed an interest in acquiring a property. The two penthouse flats came on the market and after talking it over with his wife, the pair jumped in and bought both. Originally they had hoped to turn the two penthouse flats into one. When planning permission was refused they decided to rent out one of the flats and live in the other. The apartment enjoys glorious views of the London skyline, including Battersea Power Station and Big Ben. The couple chose Poggenpohl after inviting designs from many of the premium kitchen manufacturers. “When it came down to it, not only was the design right for us, but the designer at Poggenpohl gave us colour printouts showing us the elevations of our finished kitchen – with the new windows, walls knocked down, everything – before it was all done. “The fact that we could see what we wanted there in ink made it very simple to make our decision,” the husband explains. “The design was made for us, not a re-run of someone else’s design, and so it was created to work for us and for the amount of time we would be spending in the room,” he says. “Because there are drawers within cupboards we can use every inch of space in the units – such a great bonus for us. Living in London, where you have small kitchens, you need all the storage space you can get!” The husband works in the City of London and his wife is from Bordeaux, but they have made this apartment their family home. They have two young children, aged three and one, so the kitchen was a vital component in their plans. “Before we had a Poggenpohl kitchen, we hardly cooked,” admits the husband. “Now 90% of our time at home is spent in this kitchen.”

Magnificent Poggenpohl´s kitchen enhancing the surroundings and the city views
When you have small kitchens you need all the storage space you can get, in this case there are drawers within cupboards you can use every inch of space in the units
Penninsular kitchen shape with a breakfast table bar to enjoy all the free space and city view

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Poggenpohl´s high-gloss black creates a dramatic backdrop to the flowers, objets d’art and plants

+STORIES Black Russian

There’s a restrained colour palette in this Russian country home. The owners briefed their architects to create a modern, minimalist home that makes the best possible use of its country setting. Inside, high-gloss black creates a dramatic backdrop to the flowers, objets d’art and plants.

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Fitted appliances, an irreplaceable steam oven and an exhaust fan that is embedded in the bench, noting that it is efficient, saves space and is easy to clean

+STORIES Open House

This beautiful country house set in a Norwegian wood was built for its current owners, a couple who live there with their 18-year-old twin sons. It’s an idyllic location, and a spacious family kitchen was part of their plans from day one.

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Colours are contemporary and masculine, the white cabinets contrasting with the dark wood of the breakfast bar, back wall and dining table. Glass fronts complete the look.

+STORIES Professional standard

This modern Berlin town house is both a home and a workplace. It’s owned by a chef who divides his time between Germany and his native Switzerland. When in Berlin, he uses his kitchen to devise new recipes, host cookery workshops, and even film demonstrations. In addition, it’s a warm and welcoming home.

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There’s seating for eight at the long, broad island worktop. Ovens, a coffee machine and a sink are all accommodated in the facing wall, together with plenty of storage space for food and cooking utensils.

+STORIES Enduring Relationship

The owners of this beautiful top-floor apartment in Vilvoorde, Belgium, are happy to mix old with new, placing cherished antique furniture within a contemporary setting. They recently moved here to be closer to their family. Entertaining their children and grandchildren is an important part of their lives.

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