Maximise Kitchen Storage

Storage is always essential when designing a kitchen, whether a big or a small. Personalised design solutions make your everyday use more enjoyable. Maximize every inch of precious space, and you and your kitchen will be able to work wonders together. Select the relevant activities and discover the most varied range of practical solutions for your kitchen.

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Pull-out for previsions

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Storage is always essential when designing a kitchen, whether it's a big room or a small one. The amount of storage space you need depends on the size of your family, your shopping and cooking creativity. Good planning is required to ensure that the space available is used to its full potential. Maximize every inch of precious space, so that you and your kitchen will be able to work wonders together.
It’s easy to organise a Poggenpohl kitchen to the owner’s individual preferences, with everyday items falling easily to hand. The space available can be optimally utilised. In terms of practicality, items which are needed for the same kitchen tasks can be stored together, so that everything is thus conveniently to hand.
Clever cabinet solutions aid efficient work flows in the kitchen. Find the cabinets which are most suited to your personal requirements, or contact your nearest Poggenpohl studio, in case you may have some doubts. Highly experienced in planning the right layout, features, finishes and colours, Poggenpohl designers will help you find the best solution for your kitchen space.

Storage Solution, drawer with plate rack

Drawers and Cabinets Interiors

In the drawers and behind closed doors, if your kitchen is organised on the inside you’ll find more room and your tools a little quicker.
Poggenpohl's extensive range of inserts for drawers and pull-out units can accommodate a wide variety of items, from utensils and cutlery to spices and special cooking tools. You may also have integrated in a drawer system an universal cutter

corner cupboards

Storage & Provisions

Good workflows, enough storage space and top quality motion. Find functional cabinets with the right inner dividing system for your Poggenpohl kitchen. Ergonomic with plenty of storage space for provisions. Poggenpohl cabinets offer ideal storage solutions for all the things you need for preparing food, which are often used on the main work surface. It all depends on how much storage space is desired. 

Poggenpohl - Cabinet Interior - Internal Organization

Further Storage Solutions

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Poggenpohl Accessories - Pull-out with waste division system
Poggenpohl Accessories - Fold-away step ladder in plinth

Category: Kitchen Elements

Lighting helps to define the kitchen and living space, with the opportunity to vary the mood using different kinds of illumination.

Kitchen Elements Play of Lights in the Kitchen

Undoubetly the kitchen is busiest room in the home... from cooking and preparing meals to homework, painting, playing or gathering with friends. There are so many different ways to play light in your kitchen space and create the best kitchen ambience. Discover a few solutions before meeting your Poggenpohl Designer.

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 Modern Poggenpohl Handle with Logo

Kitchen Elements The Handles' Function

Handles have an obvious practical function, but their aesthetic effect should not be underestimated. On the contrary… Handles can accentuate the appearance of a kitchen transmitting a very particular and unique visual signal. That is why the choice of the handles is as important as the choice of the colour finishes.

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Poggenpohl Accessories - Drawer and Pull-Outs with base Panel System - nut tree

Kitchen Elements All about Organization

Poggenpohl introduced for the first time a new design of drawers and pull-outs in 2007.
The success of the design was such that Poggenpohl recently decided to extend it to the rest of the range.

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