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Awards for the winners: Poggenpohl is the “superbrand” for the eighth time in a row

For over 24 years, the world’s largest brand marketing organisation has awarded prizes to the best and strongest brands of a country in over 88 countries. Poggenpohl is one of these winning brands, for the eighth year in a row. In Germany and in Austria.

Being a winner requires achievement: in the development of products, in the precision implementation, in the brand management and today, especially in interaction with clients. In the luxury segment especially, it is essential to establish a flagship brand that signalises to demanding clients and continues to be at the forefront of everything we do.

Global luxury brands like Poggenpohl provide their clients, fans and followers with a “no risk guarantee”. They stand for quality, design and function and, above all, for the realisation of dreams for people who are only satisfied with the best. They maintain the visions of their founders in their DNA – Friedemir Poggenpohl had already started making the kitchen better 125 years ago. To this day, this standard is still maintained at the production site in Herford.

Those who continually achieve the top performances, while knowing how to correctly interpret the signs of the time are the ones that remain winners. Poggenpohl manages to find the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, between the past and future. Being “now” and yet remaining true to its roots.

23 jurors from the media, communication and training sectors chose Poggenpohl. This included renowned jury members such as Andrea Albrecht, CEO Leo Burnett and marketing professor Dr. Carsten Baumgarth. The criteria for evaluation was as follows: Brand dominance, customer retention, goodwill, longevity and overall brand acceptance. Awards distinguish winners.

Poggenpohl was and is a pioneer: we’ve been developing, designing and producing luxury standard kitchens at our site in Herford for the last 125 years. For us, the criteria here is people and their requirements, social change and foresight. On a national and international level. Throughout the world, 450 Poggenpohl studios offer first-class advice and design competence with the aim of crafting the visions of its customers into “their” perfect kitchen.

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