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+VENOVO - Winner German Design Award 2019

And the winner is ...

+VENOVO by Poggenpohl is the honoured recipient of the German Design Award 2019 in the “Kitchen” category. The award recognises a talent for elegant efficiency, which blurs the boundaries between kitchen and living space.

Herford: Germany, November 23rd, 2018: Success is something you can see and touch, in the form of the German Design Award. Every year, the German Design Council awards this premium prize to products and projects which they consider groundbreaking expressions of the most vital design trends. Once again in 2018, a jury of the highest calibre was assembled for the occasion: 46 design specialists from 11 countries spent two days in Frankfurt scrutinising a diverse selection of exceptional competition entries. Their criteria focused on innovation, functionality, distinctive aesthetics and alignment with user needs.

+VENOVO from Poggenpohl succeeded in every respect, and so was named “Winner in the “Kitchen” category of the German Design Award 2019. Standing on two slim frames, with clear lines and perfect proportions, this is a piece of furniture which almost seems to float. +VENOVO offers elegant, efficient organisation of tools and functions, including worktop, hob and sink. It’s so unobtrusive in doing so that it can be flexibly positioned in any open space. It even allows for custom variations in combination with free-standing cabinets and/or sideboards. With this fluid quality, +VENOVO consistently blurs the boundaries between kitchen and living space. It’s a contemporary response to overarching trends such as urbanisation and mobility. When it’s time to relocate, this sleek newcomer, which beautifully complements Poggenpohl’s portfolio, can easily be moved and set up again, ready to create a whole new spatial experience.

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Poggenpohl was and is a pioneer: We’ve been developing, designing and producing luxury kitchens at our Herford base for more than 125 years. The benchmarks for us are always people and their needs, social change and looking towards the future. Nationally and internationally. 450 Poggenpohl Studios all over the world offer first-class consulting and design expertise with the aim of transforming each client’s ideas into “their” perfect kitchen.

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