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Kitchen Concept +SEGMENTO by Poggenpohl

+SEGMENTO: The kitchen for purists and aesthetes

+SEGMENTO has been one of the established classics in the Poggenpohl portfolio since 2000. No kitchen is more restrained in its design and yet impressive due to its clear lines and pragmatic functionality.

Herford, Germany 15th September 2018. +SEGMENTO is the kitchen in the Poggenpohl portfolio that gives its users the feeling of being in a space that also happens to be a kitchen by chance. Clear and light lines are accentuated by thin worktops and framing. Automatically opening fronts replace bulky handles and are therefore a treat for the eyes. A sensational feel when doors and drawers open by themselves with just the lightest touch. The compartments and storage space are well designed. Providing structure and order and giving kitchen utensils a permanent home. The strict external order continues inside.

On exceptional design element is a panel wall segmented by horizontal lines continued separately from the kitchen’s functional space as elegant wall cladding over the circulation areas into living rooms creating a subtle connecting element in open floor plans.

Thanks to the balanced and calm design, +SEGMENTO offers various, elegant design options using different materials.

About Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl was and is a pioneer: the company has been developing, designing and producing luxury kitchens at its premises in Herford, Germany for more than 125 years. The benchmarks for Poggenpohl are always people and their needs, social change and looking towards the future. Nationally and internationally. 450 Poggenpohl Studios all over the world offer first-class consulting and design expertise with the aim of turning customers’ ideas into “their” perfect kitchen.

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