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Küchenmeile A30 Fair_Heavy Metal

Heavy metal – Poggenpohl sets a new theme

Gold-plated or shiny silver kitchen fronts. With the +VENOVO showpieces, Poggenpohl is once again showing how excellent design, the latest technology and technical perfection consolidate into unique quality.

Herford, 14 September 2019.

If gold, silver, outstanding design and expertise all merge into one, you get a kitchen which is too good to be reduced to pure usage. Poggenpohl is showcasing its first showpieces on this topic as an exclusive at Küchenmeile A30.

In a special process, slate slabs are metallized with 24-carat gold or another pure precious metal. They are then combined with highly-transparent, hardened glass. The effect is a symbiosis of precious metal, stone and glass which accentuates the slate’s topography in a unique way. With gold, the composite shines brilliantly, warmly and vividly. With silver, it has a subtle and cool gleam.

Poggenpohl is the first manufacturer to show off this fascinating surface material in kitchen design. The iconic +VENOVO design concept can now be seen in the designs “Stars”, which is in gold, and “Moon”, which is silver-coloured. Both of these designs could be particularly relevant for the Asian markets. In India, for example, gold signifies purity, wealth and safety.

About Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl was and is a pioneer: we have been developing, designing and producing premium and luxury kitchens at our premises in Herford for more than 125 years. The benchmarks for us are always people and their needs, social change and looking towards the future. Our kitchens are characterized by trendsetting designs, technical expertise, high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. At its flagship stores in Munich, Milan, London and New York, Poggenpohl is demonstrating how the barriers between living spaces and kitchens are disintegrating while kitchens continue to be the heart of flats and houses. 400 Poggenpohl Studios all over the world offer first-class consulting and design expertise with the aim of turning customers’ ideas into “their” perfect kitchen.

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