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Poggenpohl is reliably extraordinary

Poggenpohl is energetically topping up its range with new colours and materials. For modern and ambitious kitchen design and, above all, a new attitude towards life. The iconic +MODO, +SEGMENTO and +VENOVO design concepts innovatively interpreted.

Herford, 14 September 2019.

What’s new in the design concepts:

+MODO – the kitchen for creative free spirits. Extraordinary, dark finish through to the striking +MODO details. Sinks, handles and supports consistently match up – including elements made from black glass. The tall cupboards in aluminium champagne perfect the kitchen in a feast for the senses. +MODO, designed by Jorge Pensi in 2005, is among the most successful concepts in the Poggenpohl portfolio.

+SEGMENTO – the kitchen for purists. It is characterized by clear and simple lines and filigree worktops. In the new version with a second handle level, Poggenpohl is once again showing how the classic design can be interpreted in a contemporary way using minimal but effective product details. In the showroom, +SEGMENTO presents itself as a monolith made from an earthy, marbled ceramic material with light veins. Also now in a new, elegant opal grey combined with tall cupboards made from wood.

+VENOVO – the award-winning solitaire has a radically open layout and thus represents a kitchen and a living room merged together. +VENOVO combines every kitchen function into one unit without dispensing with the familiar comfort of a Poggenpohl kitchen. In a new design variation, the worktops for cooking and washing, which are of differing thicknesses, lie directly on top of the body, which makes this iconic concept attractive for younger target groups too.

The Poggenpohl Premium Collection

The Poggenpohl Premium Collection can be brilliantly combined with elements and furniture from the design concepts. So, there is a large number of possible combinations for kitchens, which come about on an individual basis following discussion with the customer. Poggenpohl has added new colours and materials, ceramic, for example, to its finely-curated colour concept for the Küchenmeile fair. Furthermore, technical solutions have been developed which demonstrate in detail the added value of a Poggenpohl and contribute to its longevity and practicality.

“With these innovations, we’re expanding the range of choices for our customers so that they can fulfil their dream of a custom-made kitchen tailored to their needs and requirements. And that’s exactly what Poggenpohl is,” said Gernot Mang, Poggenpohl Managing Director.

About Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl was and is a pioneer: we have been developing, designing and producing premium and luxury kitchens at our premises in Herford for more than 125 years. The benchmarks for us are always people and their needs, social change and looking towards the future. Our kitchens are characterized by trendsetting designs, technical expertise, high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. At its flagship stores in Munich, Milan, London and New York, Poggenpohl is demonstrating how the barriers between living spaces and kitchens are disintegrating while kitchens continue to be the heart of flats and houses. 400 Poggenpohl Studios all over the world offer first-class consulting and design expertise with the aim of turning customers’ ideas into “their” perfect kitchen.

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