Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P7340 - Assisted-opening Feature

Assisted-opening feature
The handleless doors operate with an assisted-opening feature that becomes visible in the form of an extending and retracting spacer pin.
Activated in response to a light press of the finger on the front, the spacer pin automatically pushes the door open by a few centimetres. It can now be opened manually while the spacer pin automatically retracts to the home position.

Precision fit
The inset door fits perfectly into the rebated carcase. The front edge of the carcase is finished with a mitred aluminium profile anodized in aluminium-titanium colour.
A narrow shadow gap all the way round visually separates the front from the carcase. A feature of the doors that is repeated on flaps, drawers and pull-outs.

Glass fronts
Connected by aluminium profiles, coloured glazing can be used to create frontages of singu­lar beauty.
The back-lacquered glass fronts are available in a satinised or high-gloss finish. Surface satinisation gives them a silky matt, high-quality look. Polished, their brilliance of colour comes out to full effect.