Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P7340 - Assisted-opening Drawer

In a perfectly organised kitchen, everything has a place that is easily accessible and makes ergonomic sense. Drawers are an indispensable part of planning when it comes to coordinating well-ordered workflows and movement cycles.
Assisted-opening drawers ensure that everything is in fast, easy reach. At the press of a finger, they automatically glide a short distance towards the user. They close in response to a simple push. A soft-close mechanism slows them down, protects their contents and automatically completes the closing cycle.

The omission of handles underscores the commitment to reduction and leads the eye to the face of a kitchen: its surfaces. Interacting with each other, they create harmonies and tension that add crucial statements to the room's atmosphere.
The warmth of virtually untreated wood contrasts with the hi-tech look of metallic materials. The texture of brushed pine characterises the fronts. The engineered beauty of anodised aluminium underscores the quality look of the drawer frames and carcase edges.
In the closed position, the drawers demonstrate a feeling of perfect workmanship. A fine shadow gap visually separates the different materials.