Interior organisation

Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P7340 - Systemised Organisation

Design statement
Perfectly crafted, the organisational elements for the interiors of drawers and pull-outs are immaculately presented and of timeless beauty. The preferred material is dark oak. Wood has a natural beauty and a pleasant feel.
Precision-made, the inserts are manufactured in a thickness of just 5 mm. The unusually slimline cross section, the dark colour tone and clear, geometric forms combine to produce a unique visual quality.

Systemised organisation
The practical layout of drawer interiors ensures a convenient and clearly structured system of organisation. High-quality wooden containers can be combined in any way and supplemented by inserts that provide flexibility of use.
A variety of cutlery trays and a knife block with aluminium base are part of a modular system that neatly organises kitchen tools and utensils, making them quickly accessible.
In terms of form and function, a bread storage container with stone cover leaves no margin of doubt. A square opening makes reaching in easy and also provides ventilation.
A cross-shaped wooden insert organises the basic element and keeps bottles standing upright.