goldreif - classic

Timeless kitchen design that suits all kinds of homes, from the traditional to the modern.
Optional cornices and pelmets complete the look.

goldreif classic range

during appeal
When a design style endures for decades, there's a reason: it looks good and creates a welcoming space for all ages to enjoy. Our Classic kitchens are available with solid wood frames or high-quality MDF with milled frame effect.

versatile style
The Classic style looks great with traditional décor, yet it's versatile enough to suit contemporary homes too. The range includes a wide choice of wood finishes as well as whites and cream shades. Optional cornices and pelmets complete the look.

a more individual choice
Because we make all our doors and cabinets ourselves, we can offer a vast range of tailored designs and sizes. This means that you can not only choose how your cabinets look but also pick the best storage solutions – both for the equipment you want to hide and the kitchenware you want to show off.