Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P7340 - Front View

Meet the Designer

Porsche Design has branched out beyond its automotive roots to create products that encompass fashion, sport, travel and the home. Porsche Design's Roland Heiler explains the thinking behind Poggenpohl's Porsche Design range.

“The Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See has been designing kitchen appliances and pieces of furniture for many years. Some pieces have become classics, others have become best sellers. Therefore, it was rather obvious for Porsche Design that we should devote some effort to designing a modern kitchen. And who could have been better suited as a partner than Poggenpohl? The “man’s kitchen” that we created indicates that together we pursue a new path, deliberately mixing up the classical division of male and female labour and following a new trend instead.”

“A growing number of modern men take to cooking – because they entertain one of the many single households, because they want to do their best as single fathers, or because they chose cooking for a hobby that they pursue seriously and to which they devote a lot of time.”

“Kitchens are gradually turning into a home’s central meeting point; kitchens and living areas merge, and cooking with friends has become a fashionable social event. And just as a Porsche offers a unique and fascinating driving experience, so too a modern, well-equipped kitchen transforms the preparation of exquisite food into a special event. Beyond this, one thing still holds true, whether on the road or at home: attractive design pleases our desire for aestheticism.”