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Building Better Kitchens Together

Discover our Premium Partners for Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Our esteemed partnerships bring together the finest in innovation and design, delivering appliances that redefine kitchen aesthetics. From sleek induction cooktops to meticulously crafted wine refrigerators, each piece exemplifies the marriage of form and function.


Founded in 1683, Gaggenau celebrates discerning taste and true quality. Focused on high functionality, Gaggenau designs deliver consistent, top-level performance, often inspiring innovative solutions. Combining professional chef insights with intuitive, robust design, Gaggenau appliances offer ultimate ease for passionate home cooks.

Ovens | Dishwashers | Freezers | Refridgerators | Wine Units | Coffee Machines | Vaccuum and Warming Drawers | Hobs | Washing Machines | Accessoires


Since 1899, Miele has pursued its promise of "Immer besser" or "Forever better." Renowned for reliability and performance, Miele appliances undergo rigorous testing and have earned numerous design awards. Miele's innovative and elegant designs perfectly complement our luxury kitchens.

Ovens | Warming Drawers | Extractors | Cook Tops | Dishwashers | Coffee Machines | Refridgerators | Microwaves | Washing Machines


BORA revolutionises the kitchen with extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences. Embracing an open-minded and inquisitive approach, BORA simplifies cooking with intuitive designs that promote healthier living. Their mission is to create favourite spaces for shared memories and to support people in cooking better. 

Cooktop Extractor Systems | Steam Cooling and Boiling Systems | Refridgerators | Freezers | Lightning | Accessoires

Discover our Premium Partners in your Area.

V Zug

Rooted in Switzerland since 1913, V-Zug is dedicated to sustainable, climate-neutral production of high-precision, durable products. V-Zug brings ease and creativity to your home and kitchen with timeless, minimalist designs. Their expertly crafted appliances, made from premium materials like steel, aluminium, and glass, offer both aesthetic and tactile satisfaction.

Ovens | Cook Tops | Range Hoods | Dishwashers | Refridgeration | Wine Coolers | Drawers | Coffee Machines | Microwaves | Washing Machines | Dryers

Sub Zero & Wolf

Sub-Zero & Wolf has been leading the line in home refrigeration and cooking for over 70 years. The appliances are meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing professional quality to the home.

Redfridgeration | Wine Coolers | Range Cookers | Ovens | Coffee Systems | Drawers | Cook Tops | Microwaves | Outdoor


Dunavox is an award-winning brand offering professional storage and wine cooling solutions at home, in a minimalistic and functional design, with practical internal layout, state-of-the-art technology and energy efficient performance.

Wine Cooler | Storage

La Cornue

Synonymous with luxury kitchen appliances, La Cornue is crafted in France with an unwavering commitment to excellence and French savoir-faire. Renowned for their exquisite ranges, ovens, rotisseries, and kitchen islands, La Cornue combines knowledge, the finest materials, and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Ovens | Cookers | Cooktops


Liebherr specialises in advanced refrigeration and freezing appliances for residential and professional use. Known for their modern design and energy-efficient solutions, Liebherr offers a range including stand-alone and built-in units, wine storage, tempering cabinets, and humidors. Continuously innovating in refrigeration technology, Liebherr ensures quality and reliability globally.

Refrigerators | Freezers


Quooker revolutionised kitchen functionality with the world's first boiling water tap, fundamentally changing how households access boiling water. Committed to making their taps a kitchen essential worldwide, Quooker continues to innovate and enhance convenience in modern kitchens.

Boiling Water Tap | Reservoires


With over 130 years of German engineering excellence, Bosch seamlessly blends digital innovation with sustainability in their home appliances, offering durable technology and timeless design. Prioritizing consumer needs in every product and service, Bosch is dedicated to enhancing global quality of life through environmentally friendly solutions, ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment with their appliances.

Refrigerators | Freezers | Ovens | Cookers | Cooktops | Microwaves | Dishwashers | Washing Machines | Dryers


Embodying innovation, sustainability, and German engineering excellence, Siemens Home Appliances boasts over 175 years of history. Continuing to redefine household innovation, a significant portion of Siemens' product range is developed in Germany. Committed to creating a brighter future, Siemens offers smart, intuitive home appliances that reflect their owners' essence.

Refrigerators | Freezers | Ovens | Cookers | Cooktops | Microwaves | Dishwashers | Washing Machines | Dryers


NEFF, a German company with 145 years of history, develops and manufactures home appliances tailored to customer needs. Combining appealing design, safe functionality, and impressive comfort with economic efficiency and environmental friendliness, NEFF prioritises quality and sustainability. Each appliance is crafted to enhance user experience while respecting the environment, reflecting NEFF's dedication to excellence and responsibility.

Ovens | Cookers | Cooktops | Steam Cookers | Steam Ovens | Microwaves | Coffee Machines | Vacuum and Warming Drawers | Dishwashers | Refrigerators | Freezers

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