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Poggenpohl Küchenforum Leipzig - Dieter Müller
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Poggenpohl Küchenforum
Keilstr. 1 (Löhrs Carré)
04105 Leipzig

Tel: 0341/9839003

Fax: 0341/9839005

E-mail: info@exclusiv-kuechenforum.de

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Poggenpohl +EDITION in white lacquer

Innovative Design, Custom Made Solutions, Unsurpassed Quality

A world of innovative kitchen ideas and inspiration awaits you at Poggenpohl Küchenforum - Ruß-Mascher-Kuhne. Open to the public as well as the architectural and interior design community, the Poggenpohl showroom offers full service kitchen design and installation – taking your dreams and making them a reality from conception to execution.

The kitchen is the centre of the home, and our philosophy not just to design kitchens, but to create rooms for living and enjoying.

Each and every one of our designs starts with a blank sheet of paper.

Before we create a design, we listen to our clients to know about their sense of style and colour, and how they want to use their kitchen and living area. Creating a Poggenpohl kitchen is a very personal process, and our focus is on creating the ideal solution for our clients.

Find your own inspiration in our showroom. In our unique studio atmosphere, we will prove that Poggenpohl attaches top priority to the combination of quality, innovation, functionality, and design.

Poggenpohl offers a wide variety of styles of kitchen cabinet fronts and finishes including wood veneers, lacquers, laminates, glass and more. From classic to contemporary. All sustainably green. Many surprisingly attainable.

Founded in 1892, Poggenpohl is the world’s leading luxury kitchen brand.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary design consultation or to learn more about frequent special events.

The team at Poggenpohl Küchenforum - Ruß-Mascher-Kuhne look forward to meeting you.

Our Team

Poggenpohl Küchenforum Leipzig - Peggy Ruß

Peggy Ruß

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Poggenpohl Küchenforum Leipzig - Jens Mascher

Jens Mascher


Poggenpohl Küchenforum Leipzig - Heiner Kuhne

Heiner Kuhne

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