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Fascinating Variety

Materials, surfaces, and colors stimulate the senses and define the kitchen and its surrounding area. The possibilities for combinations are virtually endless. Each kitchen represents its own design concept, a personal one-of-a-kind creation.


Kitchen fronts impart a completely unique and personal character to a space. Materials, shapes, and colors offer an almost unrivaled array of options. In a minimalist design, the kitchen presents itself in a sleek form, introducing timeless accents through various surface finishes, from matte to glossy. By using frame profiles, you can create classically traditional and cozy atmospheres that enhance the overall living experience. It becomes particularly individual when the fronts are endowed with a metallic sheen or transformed into true treasures through elaborate spatula techniques.


A seemingly endless array of different materials, surfaces, and colors inspires all the senses and encourages the freedom to design the kitchen and the surrounding space. The possibilities for combinations are surprising and nearly limitless. Regardless of the choice made, the personal composition turns every design concept into a unique creation.


The sheer abundance of materials and diverse textures already provides inspiration at Poggenpohl. Solid woods and veneers, processed using various techniques, captivate with their natural vitality. Precious natural stones and metals allow for an expressive presence on countertops and fronts. Surfaces made from practical materials maintain a pleasantly understated appearance.