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Impressive Play with Dimensions

At the center of pure aesthetics

Luxury Kitchen Made in Germany

As the leading brand for luxury kitchens made in Germany and inventor of the modern kitchen, Poggenpohl indelibly combines architectural concepts and design principles with trendsetting product offerings, outstanding craftsmanship, and technical precision.

Poggenpohl reimagines the kitchen as a hallmark of energised and delightful existence. Focus is on the individual, according to whose wishes the kitchen living space is designed.

People and Architecture

People are the focus when Poggenpohl's designers develop customised solutions for customers individual ideas and their living spaces in the company's own studios or at specialised shops. Each kitchen becomes a unique work of contemporary design made to perfectly complement the surrounding architecture.


Fascinating variety

An almost endless array of material options, surfaces and colours invite you to design your own individual kitchen and the surrounding space.

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At the center of pure aesthetics

Architecture that plays with perception and sensuality. Materials that emphasize the valuable. And a kitchen from Poggenpohl, which, in its monumentality, flexibly serves the needs of the residents.

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