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From Classic Inspirations to Contemporary Design

We are in the heart of the Netherlands, not so far from Delft, Leiden and Den Haag. The landscape is formed by silver glistening streams and a glittering blue sky. And by the light - a golden light - as if it were a painting by Johannes Vermeer.

Where tulips grew just a few years ago, a series of stately yet harmoniously blended residential buildings now rise. Here, light floods in through large floor-to-ceiling windows.
It is the same centuries-old light that, with the same tenderness, reveals the beauty of the interior design and highlights the architecture in a truly distinctive way.

The impressive +MODO island serves as the centerpiece of the modern interior. Its clean lines and special materials blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty.

Not only do they offer generous storage space with pull-out shelves, drawers and tall cabinets fitted with the latest technology, but they also harmonize aesthetics and practicality to the highest possible degree.

The surfaces of the kitchen are designed to reflect the incoming light, thus achieving a harmonious connection between the timeless architecture of the house and the contemporary design of the kitchen. 

The combination of natural materials such as wood and stone with modern elements imbue the kitchen with a well-balanced ambience where tradition and modernity merge.

The natural warmth of Oak in Oak Smoked Light, accentuated by the gentle play of light, imbues the space with an inviting atmosphere.

In combination with the marble worktop in Harmony Grey, the space gains timeless elegance.

The island in bronze anthracite contrasts with the classically inspired interior design, harmoniously blending into the timeless architecture.

For the owners, their +MODO is more than just a place to cook - it is the heart of the property, combining style, creativity and light in perfect harmony.

Designed by our partner Studio Schot in Rotterdam.

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