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Luxury Living at the Crossroads of Modernity and History

Nestled within a new building that gazes upon the iconic Prague Castle, this home boasts a unique position that offers breathtaking views and an abundance of natural light, thanks to its many windows and glass walls. While transforming the interior of this apartment, great care was taken to preserve the original layout.

The vision for this project was to craft a peaceful sanctuary where a young couple could unwind and savor a drink while gazing out at the stunning Prague landscape. The overarching goal was to ensure that every element of the interior seamlessly harmonized with the whole. A consistent and elegant color palette of beige and brown, accented by subtle touches of color, was selected to create a soothing ambiance that transitions gracefully from day to evening. An electric fireplace, complete with the visual and auditory effects of crackling flames, was chosen to enhance the overall atmosphere.

The kitchen design CUORE includes a hidden bar, ingeniously concealed behind pocket doors that seamlessly blend into the cabinetry. Quality materials and renowned brands like Schmalenbach Design were chosen to ensure a lasting and luxurious finish. The kitchen features a Pebble Gray matte lacquer finish with a Taj Mahal quartzite worktop.

The Stage conceals the bar and adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen.

The worktop seamlessly blends with the wall - a harmonious interplay that embodies pure elegance.
The young couple had a unique wish—a round mirror, symbolizing infinity, wholeness, and balance. This motif is thoughtfully echoed throughout the interior, notably in the meticulously designed Occhio lighting fixtures. These ring-shaped lights infuse the space with gentle illumination that can be tailored to suit various moods and occasions.

The bedroom, living room, and hallway are adorned with meticulously selected details, featuring smoked oak veneer and sand gray primeboard from Schmalenbach.

The wall shelf, as a component of the design concept +SEGMENTO, integrates perfectly with a minimalist, elegant, and timeless approach, harmoniously combining functionality and aesthetics.
To complete the interior design, furnishings and decor were carefully selected to complement the overall aesthetic, with the kitchen being designed by our partner Poggenpohl Czech from Prague. The incomparable elegance of this kitchen was awarded the German Design Award in the Interior Architecture category.

The incomparable elegance of this kitchen was awarded the German Design Award in the Interior Architecture category.

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