5Q with Alison Weidner

5Q with Design Collective Member Alison Weidner Architectural Sales Manager at Poggenpohl Atlanta

1. Most challenging part of your industry/business right now?

Spreading the word about Poggenpohl to non-modernists. As the oldest kitchen brand in the world and the only German cabinetry company to serve Atlanta since 1979, we are tremendously fortunate in having brand recognition. However, most people don't know the whole Poggenpohl story, including the diversity of price (we have eight different price groups), style (transitional to modern), and being an innovative leader in the industry for over 120 years.

2. Where should Atlanta design be headed?

I see Atlanta leaning towards cleaner design, even in the traditional world. Of course I love modern design and what appeals to me most about it is the absence of superfluous details. I wish more people would see the value of designing smaller homes in scale with their needs and lifestyle and then choosing the best possible materials for both the interior and exterior of the home. As my mama use to say "buy the best you can afford".

3. Food or Fashion? What is your go-to restaurant/designer?

FOOD. All the way. I just love to eat and since I waited tables in a 4 star restaurant all through college, I appreciate great food, great service, and great design. I always have a wonderful experience at Rathbun's but also love the mussels appetizer (not on the menu anymore but just ask for them) at Carroll Street Café in Cabbage Town.

4. Name one thing you cannot live without.

Atlanta. I moved away last year and returned after ten months. This city and the people here make me happy.

5. How do you feed your creative juices?

Conversation and cooking. Since I am more involved in business development than design these days, my greatest inspiration comes from brainstorming with colleagues. Talking over ideas, even the really wacky ones (most of which will remain secret!), has produced great results. I also come up with ideas while at home cooking and "responsibly" enjoying a glass or two of red wine.