Poggenpohl Atlanta celebrates 37 year anniversary - first kitchen in the area

Poggenpohl Atlanta celebrates 37 year anniversary

Poggenpohl Atlanta celebrates 37 year anniversary with story of its first kitchen in the area... still as beautiful and inspiring today as it was the day it was installed in 1977

Atlanta, GA - May 2014

Poggenpohl, the oldest and best-known luxury kitchen brand in the world, celebrates almost four decades of personalized service to the Atlanta community.

"Although Poggenpohl is over 120 years old, we began selling kitchens in Atlanta back in 1977," states John Coulter, showroom manager and lead designer for Poggenpohl Atlanta. "We were able to trace back to the family that bought our first kitchen in the market. And that kitchen is still standing today."

European styling, and tough enough for five boys

John Farill, a kitchen specialist whom the Whites met in 1977, first introduced Poggenpohl to them. The Atlanta family, no stranger to German engineering and high performance products, decided that having a European kitchen would be perfect for their lifestyle and in raising their family which included five boys.

"We wanted a kitchen that was well-made, durable and combat ready," states Mr. White. And the kitchen indeed stood the test of time. The Whites now have an extended family of 14 grandchildren and their original Poggenpohl kitchen continues to be the nucleus of their family gatherings.

"We considered our Poggenpohl kitchen an investment and we still love it!" states Mrs. White.

Functionality was a key factor for the Whites due to their large family. Mr. White says he still uses the original Poggenpohl tool drawer that was installed 37 years ago.