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  • Poggenpohl Los Angeles hosts WestEdge Design Fair Kick Off Event

    WestEdge Design Fair

    The month of October was marked with the celebration of the WestEdge Design Fair kick off which took place at the Poggenpohl studio in Los Angeles in partnership with the California Home + Design Magazine. We take a look…

    A festive and unique evening event on the 20th of October during which 50 exclusive guests had the chance to meet Poggenpohl designers behind the many inspiring kitchen options showcased throughout the ample studio space, while enjoying signature cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

    The event was a true success, as usual, and Poggenpohl studio Los Angeles and its kitchens were subject to the best reviews. For this elegant evening affair, Poggenpohl also counted with the two brands Miele and Consentino which helped enrich the event into a one-of-a-kind.


    The fourth edition of WestEdge itself took place in Santa Monica featuring 150 exhibitors offering the best in modern design all in an environment designed to engage, entertain and inspire. To complete this extraordinary event, there were also stimulating panel discussions, vibrant culinary classes and exciting book signings.

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  • Poggenpohl Boston Hosts First Look Event with Design New England

    First Look Event with Design New England

    Poggenpohl hosts Design New England Magazine’s first look event in its Boston studio.

    Last September 7th, Poggenpohl welcomed in its Boston studio more than 50 guests – interior designers, architects and selected readers– to a first look event organized by the Design New England Magazine to launch its September/October renovations issue. While enjoying especially prepared hors d’oeuvres, guests also took the opportunity to learn from Poggenpohl and FBN Construction LLC about their insider stories of renovating a Lexington kitchen featured in the issue.

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  • Poggenpohl Chicago - Ballis Home

    Featured in Foodie Fiction author Stacey Ballis’ Chicago Home Renovation

    By exposing steel beams and keeping existing woodwork, the kitchen kept its original look. Poggenpohl’s beautiful wood cabinets brought the kitchen into modern times and created a timeless look.

    Poggenpohl is featured in the Chicago kitchen renovation for author and Chef Stacey Ballis. The 800 square foot kitchen was beautifully redesigned to maintain the authentic feel of the 100+-year-old home, while bringing in modern touches. Poggenpohl Chicago led the project and created a beautiful contemporary kitchen that was harmonious with the centenarian dignity of the home.

    Poggenpohl Studio Chicago perfectly blended the old with the new. By exposing steel beams and keeping existing woodwork, the kitchen kept its original look. Poggenpohl’s beautiful wood cabinets brought the kitchen into modern times and created a timeless look.

    Stacey Ballis, an author of 10 Foodie Fiction novels, wanted a design that was best for cooking and entertaining, both elements that Poggenpohl delivered. “We were able to embrace the design process without worry,” Ballis said about their Poggenpohl experience.

    The renovated Chicago kitchen also featured two primary cooking and prep areas, all new luxury appliances and new countertops.

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  • Chef Antonio Carluccio at Poggenpohl in Waterloo.

    Chef Antonio Carluccio at Poggenpohl in Waterloo

    In September Poggenpohl’s Waterloo studio hosted a delicious pasta masterclass with famous Italian chef and restaurateur Antonio Carluccio. Discover here some moments…

    Poggenpohl was selected by Carluccio’s team as the perfect venue for awarding a masterclass, as prize of an impressive preceding competition organised by the Carluccio’s restaurants. According to Carluccio’s team Poggenpohl allows the creation of the ideal setting for demonstrating top-end cooking techniques while entertaining. The three lucky winners and their partners spent a memorable evening learning to cook the most amazing pasta with remarkable Chef Antonio Carluccio, who showed and revealed some of his most astonishing culinary secrets.

    Following the intense gastronomic activities and enriching class, participants could relax and savour the resultant culinary creations, while recalling some of the best moments and discussing about Carluccio's popular cook books offered to all participants with a personalized and dedicated autograph.

    “It was lovely cooking here… I would like to come back.” – affirmed Chef Antonio Carluccio.

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  • EGC Brand Launch at Poggenpohl Helsinki

    Poggenpohl & Electrolux Grand Cuisine in Finland

    An amazing event took place at the Poggenpohl Studio in Helsinki… We take a look.

    During Finland‘s warm and famously long summer days, a brand new unique +MODO kitchen was installed at the Poggenpohl Studio on Fabiankatu, Helsinki, specifically modified to accept the coveted Electrolux Grand Cuisine luxury home appliances.

    Twenty journalists from interior design magazines filled the premises of the studio with flashes and ecstatic comments about the exhibition. A VIP launch event took place in the evening with a full house that brought together more than 70 notable guests from building professionals, interior designers, to architects specialized in luxury construction, which had the opportunity to witness this major merged brand project. Electrolux specialists Henrik Ohlstenius and Åsa Ottosson from Sweden, Jani Seppälä, Arto Arhipoff, and Marinka Hollming-Pietarinen from Finland joined Poggenpohl Finland CEO Vertti Rossi and the entire Poggenpohl Finland team to host this overwhelming celebration. Also present was Mari Tuomisto of Novart Oy.

    The launch took a unique form as it was performed by Michelin-starred Chefs Christian Mittermayer (Germany), Pekka Terävä (Finland), and the fantastic Chef team from Restaurant OLO. In this ideal setting, not limited to demonstrations, they also prepared the most creative interpretations of elegant summer dishes and fantastic epicurean food. The exquisite champagne and wines, accompanying this lively and delicious evening, were taken care of by Jukka Orasjärvi from Carsin Wines.

    The demonstration and celebration continued during the Helsinki Design Week’s Showroom Walk-event, at the Fabianinkatu studio, on September 8th and 9th, when the guest of honor, expert Chef and Grand Cuisine specialist Paolo Pettenuzzo (Italy) arrived at the studio, marking another much awaited day and reception.

    Once again, with this exclusive launch and memorable events, Poggenpohl proves to pioneer major achievements in sustainable designs and products that reflect and recognize the home as an expression of every individual’s personality.

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  • FeldmanArchitecture_RanchOh

    An Idyllic Weekend Retreat

    Taking advantage of the surrounding lush nature, the Poggenpohl kitchen featured in the exclusive Ranch O|H weekend retreat home opens up generously to the green scenery around the magnificent 100-year old Valley Oak tree.

    In the middle of the green countryside, on a ridge above the fog in the Santa Lucia Preserve of Carmel, California, arises amongst an extension of 4,063 square feet, preserving a magnificent 100-year-old Valley Oak, the progressive Ranch O|H residence created both as a weekend retreat and a base camp for outdoor activities.

    The gorgeous construction by Architect Jonathan Feldman, of Feldman Architecture combines lodge details with modern Californian architectural aesthetic. The morphology of the terrain and the variety of fauna and flora were major inspiration factors to this project, where the natural and the built landscape combine harmoniously.

    The strategic layering of the site, materials, and indoor-outdoor spaces dynamic, set the basis for a uniquely elegant, yet grounded retreat, where nature lives in all its vigor and multiplicity. Inside, the material palette is composed of cedar-clad ceilings, oil-rubbed steel, and exposed concrete floors. The interior follows the minimalist style design conceived by Architect Jonathan Feldman of Feldman Architecture; simple and uncluttered, the whole living ambiance inside adds character, individuality and a timeless elegance which in turn offers serenity and peace of mind.

    “Poggenpohl was a natural choice for the Ranch O/H kitchen due to the brand’s attention to quality construction and clean lines,” explains Jonathan Feldman, founding partner of Feldman Architecture and director of design. “A stunning range of finishes from crisp white surfaces, to rich grain veneers gave us an extensive palette to work with, while modern details paired with hardware and fittings offered the sough after counterpoint to this traditional ranch home.”

    “We made use of every square inch which is why Poggenpohl was such a perfect fit with our integrated storage solutions,” explained I-Ching Ueng, Senior Designer and Studio Manager of Poggenpohl San Francisco. “While it is very minimal and clean, the selection of finishes and layout gives Ranch O|H a lot of warmth. It feels cozy inside for such a modern home.” Ueng proposed a teak lava textured veneer finish on the back of the island to ground the lacquer Blossom white cabinet finish and provide with calm and warmth to balance the whole living space, taking advantage of the surrounding lush, green landscape displayed around the magnificent 100-year old Valley Oak tree visible just outside.

    The aroma of pine and eucalyptus in its exterior refreshes the soul and fills us with rejoice and vitality. The breeze that flutters in the foliage, cheering on its affable and warm breath; the water runs tranquil in its melodious and rhythmic flow... the perfect environment for a few days of pure relax out of the stressful pace of the city.

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  • Summer Gin Tasting with Distillery Sipsmith at Poggenpohl

    Summer Gin Tasting with Distillery Sipsmith at Poggenpohl

    Poggenpohl at Wigmore Street hosts a seasonal gin tasting with London distillery Sipsmith

    A few days ago, a summer gin tasting at the Poggenpohl studio in Wigmore Street, London brought together a smattering of guests, who had the chance to taste an impressive selection of gins including the new Summer Cup by the hands of the local London Gin distillery Sipsmith. “It was a fun and informative evening” inspired by the kitchen set orchestrated to provide the most exquisite ambiance. Hors d'oeuvres were freshly prepared on site in a functional Poggenpohl kitchen by the Noble House Events.

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  • Poggenpohl Dallas Summer Chef Series 2016

    D Home Issue Launch Event

    Poggenpohl in Dallas hosts D Home Issue Launch Evening Event. We take a look...

    Last June 28, Poggenpohl studio in Dallas hosted an evening event in favor of D Home Magazine to preview its July/August issue featuring the winner of the Texas Paint & Wallpaper as well as the ‘Benjamin Moore Paint’s Life in Color’ competition.

    The Poggenpohl’s sophisticated and contemporary ambiance created an elegant backdrop for guests to get a first glimpse of the summer-inspired issue. Throughout the evening, Chef Justo of Bolsa Mercado prepared a special assortment of delightful hors d'oeuvres accompanied by an exquisite selection of beverages.

    Preview party partners: Bolsa Mercado, Freedom Park Valet and Flower Reign.
    Life in Color Sponsors: Texas Paint & Wallpaper and Benjamin Moore Paint, Dana Vidal, Ramon Longoria, Lainie Krister

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  • Poggenpohl Dallas Summer Chef Series 2016

    Hosting the 2016 Summer Chef Series

    Poggenpohl Dallas and Modern Luxury host the 2016 Summer Chef Series with top local chefs preparing the most creative interpretations of elegant summer dishes.

    This June, July and August Poggenpohl was sponsor to the 2016 Summer Chef Series – a three-part series hosted by a different local chef at each event in the glamorous, sophisticated ambiance of the Poggenpohl studio in Dallas. The culinary experts prepared in a functional Poggenpohl kitchen their interpretations of an elegant summer dish – colourful, delicious epicurean delicacies.

    The series commenced on June 9th, hosted by Chef Justo Blanco representing the Bolsa Mercado and the reinvention of classic American cuisine. Almost one month later, on July 11th, Poggenpohl studio hosted an evening of delectability with Chef Janice Provost of Parigi, a chef driven bistro with a diverse, eclectic menu that changes every two months. a chef driven bistro with a menu that changes twice a month a chef driven bistro with a menu that changes twice a month a chef driven bistro with a menu that changes twice a monthThe finale event, on August 11th, was presented by Chef Brad Phillips with Asador’s farm-to-table grill style dishes.

    Discover here a few episodes:

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  • St Albans Fashion Show at Poggenpohl Studio

    Poggenpohl on the Cat Walk

    Last July, Poggenpohl St. Albans studio kitchens were transformed into an exciting fashion emporium

    Last July, St Albans studio went under a metamorphoses and transformed into a fashion emporium showcasing the latest and glamorous work wear trends from local clothes boutiques.The event was organised in collaboration with St Albans Fashion Week and SAFW retailers included Hobbs, LK Bennett and D. Copperfield.

    The St. Albans Fashion week partnered with the St Albans Chamber of Commerce Business Festival and hosted this fabulous styling event composed of cat walk shows, hair and beauty salons, expert styling, live demos and cocktails provided by Zip’s mixologist.

    Over 70 guests including Poggenpohl customers and members of the local Chamber of Commerce enjoyed the evening in a unique setting surrounded by Poggenpohl kitchens which also had a chance to be appreciated. To enrich the evening, signature cocktails and canapés were prepared live and appreciated by all.

    A wonderful night at Poggenpohl celebrating the start of the fashion festivities.

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